Thursday, November 29, 2012

16 weeks

I'm almost to the half way point...I never thought I'd want to rush through pregnancy; however I'm so ready to have this baby in my arms!!

Eating has been a little better, I still get sick in the mornings and nights some days--but for the most part I'm feeling much better.

My cravings have been: subway sandwiches loaded down with yummy veggies, still raw veggies with ranch, cereal with apples in it, chips and cheese dip and I love cold cold cold drinks. Still no sweets...they make me gag!!

I had my 16 weeks OB appt Wednesday, everything went good. I'm finally gaining a little weight which my dr is happy about. I also found out the big date of when we will find out what this bean is....on 12/17 we will officially know! We will have a gender dinner with family Friday evening to surprise everyone. I'm so ready, it still all seems so surreal!!

As far as sleep-Zach bought me a mattress pad and it seems to be helping some; I still get up about 10 times a night to pee, and I can officially tell when this bean is sitting on my bladder. Ouchy!!

So thankful for 16 weeks with this bean, praying for 24 more :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm so thankful for my sweet and loving husband. He loves me for me! He has been my strength and picked me up when I felt like I couldn't go forward anymore. He's my life, my world! My sunshine on a cloudy day! I would be completely lost without him. His laughter is contagious and makes every day with smiling!
I am beyond thankful for our family. My mom, dad, step mom, brother, all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and in laws...together Zach and I have quite a large family. I'm blessed to say we are close to everyone. God has truly blessed us with family who have been by our sides through thick and thin!!
My sweet friends make me count my blessings everyday. I do not know what I would do without them! I have several, and several that I have met online and have been honored to become close to. My friends ARE the BEST! While going through infertility or treatments, even the rough patches of failed IVF's and miscarriages our sweet friends always always knew a way to put a smile on our face...when Zach and I were drowning in tears they were always there to save us. I am beyond grateful and thankful for the amazing friends I have!
I'm thankful for infertility. I know, what a strange thing to be thankful for considering it's brought so much heartache into our lives. We haven't know anything but struggling with infertility since we got married, it's all we know. It could have broke us or built us; and I'm so honored to say it built us. We are both two completely different people because of this. Infertility taught us how to lean on God 110%. It taught us about Faith and Patience. It taught us about each others weaknesses and strengths. It taught us how to never give up!! It hasn't always been peachy, but it was/is our will always be apart of our life...almost 7 years of trying to conceive. It doesn't define us, but it's defiantly built us!
So thankful for our merciful and glorious GOD! A God who is SO Big! A God who never leaves your side...a God who even when things seem to be falling apart around you always finds a way to show you that everything will be ok. So thankful for being brought up in a Christian family.
So thankful that after almost 7 years I can say I'M PREGNANT. I haven't had the easiest pregnancy...I've determined I love pregnancy but pregnancy doesn't love me :) It's been quite the journey, but we MADE IT! So thankful for this little bean! My sweet bean has no idea just how loved it already is, my heart swells when I think of being able to hold him/her in a short 5 months...I will finally get to see my husband be a father. My parents be grandparents. This bean is our life, we have waited so long for this. I am so thankful for this bean, stay strong bean...your mommy and daddy love you more than anything in the world!
Life doesn't always go the way you think it will, were proof of that. But I'm thankful for the ride God took us on, the people He has placed in my life and the miracle He has blessed us with!
God Bless you all! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

15 weeks

We all give thanks throughout the month and the week of Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year. So thankful for this growing bean :) so thankful we have made it to week 15!

Cravings this week: ice, raw veggies,wenches fruit chews (frozen), salad and pickles. ((Still nothing sweet and meat is still hard to eat))

My sleep is getting a little better, ad nausea is getting a little better as well-there are still some mornings I get very sick, but for the most part I'm getting a little energy back :)

I'm excited about Thanksgiving, my first one pregnant :) I'm not sure if I want any meat, but looking forward to all of the other good Thanksgiving fixings!!

Praising and rejoicing this week! I hope and pray you and yours have a very blessed holiday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

14 weeks

I've made it to 14 weeks! Every day and every week is such a milestone.

I've had a horrible cold this past week that's gotten worse the past couple days so that's made me feel more nauseated lately. For the most part I feel ok, dinner is still the hardest meal to eat.

Cravings this week are lettuce and raw veggies.

Still can't eat anything sweet-even the thought of cookies or cake makes me want to gag! (Thank you baby for helping momma not want her weakness).

Sleep is still non existent. I'm still getting up several times through the night to pee, and getting comfortable is hard. I have a bad back and hips so I think that contributes to my lack of sleep.

Over all I'm doing great-I listen to the beans heartbeat every morning and things seem to be going good. I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving and to think I'll be pregnant for my first holiday! So much to be thankful for <3

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

13 weeks

So blessed to have made it to 13 weeks!!

I am feeling a little better, my nausea has gone from all day to 'briefly' in the morning and really heavy at night. Dinner is probably the hardest meal for me to eat--I can't eat meat and nothing sweet!

I love pineapple, pickles, salads, raw veggies with ranch, and chopped ice.

I've lost 7lbs and as my appt today I haven't gained or lost anymore since my last appt.

My sleep is none existent, I bought a belly pillow bit it isn't helping much at the moment. I pee about 3-5 times a night and the rest I'm tossing and turning....maybe I have insomnia.

I still burp like a man and all the other gross things-haha...but I'm loving every minute of this!

I have a belly doppler and at 12 weeks 4 days I was able to pick up the heartbeat. I don't listen long, just long enough to find my little bean and know everything is ok. :) it's an amazing since of relief!

My blood results will come back next week for genetic screening-and my next appt is on the 28th! ❤

Gods Great!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

His Plan

I would have been 32 weeks I'm 12 weeks pregnant

I was dreading Thanksgiving, but now I will be around 15 weeks pregnant with a lil

I was due on Christmas day, not sure how I would have made it though I will be finding out if our miracle is a boy or girl around Christmas.

We announced that we were pregnant on Mothers Day last year, I couldn't even bare the thought of another Mothers Day...but now I am DUE around Mothers Day!

We found out our other miracle didn't have a heart beat on 5/22 and had a D&C on 5/23...only God can be the reason why I will be holding this precious miracle in my arms on those days.

I don't know why bad things happen; and although I know I am not in the clear by any means...I can only have Faith that this was and has been his plan! He broke me down to build me up-and now I have another reason for continuing to move forward.

23 weeks ago my world was crashing down on me-I didn't understand life, wanted answers and didn't have I do!!

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