Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I couldn't be more excited about the journey Zach & I are on!!

Since joining this company we have earned close to 40K just in bonuses, not to mention the products have helped us lose weight and have helped us life a healthier lifestyle. 

When I joined this company I had ZERO intention of making money, I simply just loved the hair skin and nails....4 months in my income was doubled and I was a believer. 

If your wanting more information on the company that brought me home to my little guy give me a shout!! I would love to give you more information !!


Monday, August 15, 2016

ItWorks 💚

Please checkout my website and let me know if their is anyway I can help you sign up as a distributor or as a loyal customer.

I look forward to talking to you soon.

Tiffany Pifer

Friday, October 2, 2015

My New Journey

I've been a loyal customer for quiet some time using the Hair Nail and Skin vitamins (which are amazing by the way) I've tried several other products and have seen so many distributors post about this company-I've seen and witnessed several people become so successful and I've often thought it would be nice to be in their shoes and earning some extra income-but I was comfortable with being a loyal customer. Well that's over! I'm done being 'comfortable'. I'm done passing up opportunities to help my family financially and to ultimately give me the chance to be a stay at home mom with more time with my son!

So I have decided to take that leap of faith and join this AMAZING business called It Works Global. Have you heard about these amazing products? Do you want to lose weight, tighten tone and firm your skin, or just get healthier? Or are you like ME, do you want to make more income? If you answered yes to any of these, PLEASE message me!

 I so appreciate your support and encouragement, this is out of my comfort zone, but I am DOING IT and I am SO EXCITED!!!

 I'm looking for four people to try these amazing products for 3 months so I can start my portfolio AND if you are wanting some extra income-I can talk to you about joining so you can get the $500 bonus right before Christmas?? I'm looking forward to my extra Christmas money this year and would love to help you not only get that extra Christmas money but help you make an average of $500 extra a month! Talk about the money you could use for daycare,car payment, paying down debt or saving it for infertility treatments! 

Email me at tiffpifer@yahoo.com if your interested 💚

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week one in AMARILLO

Home sweet home-Amarillo is officially our 'home' now. It's beautiful and I love how dry the air is compared to the humidity back in Waco. We've played a lot outside during the days and evenings which is also another plus compared to the 100+ degree weather back in Waco. 

I did a lot of unpacking this week, since we had a moving company come and pack us it's been a nightmare finding things. I can tell you if we're in this I situation again I will do so many things different. I still have yet to find many of our kitchen items such as, spices, toaster, cutting boards, and some cooking utensils. I know the minute I give up and go out and buy more I will find that box. Our lamp shades are M.I.A. as well....our small rental (it's actually quite spacey for only two bedrooms) is full of boxes. We only plan on being here for 6 months before we buy or build-we haven't decided exactly what we want to do. 

Miles started school on Wednesday, the initial drop off was awful. I cried like I did when dropping him off when he was a newborn. I honestly think dropping him off as a newborn was easier because it was just 'me' that was scared. Seeing your child terrified of all the 'strangers' (kids and teachers who he doesn't know) was one of the hardest things. We even went to the daycare earlier in the week for a meet and greet so he would be a little familiar....I'm so thankful by Friday the teacher reached her arms out and he went to her without looking back at me. Some may be sad when they don't look back, personally it makes my mommy heart happy that he feels 'safe'. He has my shyness (until he gets to know you then he's so outgoing like his daddy) so him feeling safe makes this whole process easier for me and him. 

I've enjoyed some 'me' time, something I'm not used to and don't get often. Honestly it's quite boring, but it's nice :) I have one more week of unpacking (trying to find some things) and to get a few more things done/completed (like doctors/banks and such...you know all that fun grown up stuff) and I start my new job the following week on the 10th. I will be working for the City in the HR/Payroll department. I'm excited to get my feet back into some normalcy, but so scared as well...back to my shyness and fear of driving in unknown places (thank heavens for GPS!!). 

Overall we made it 'home', life's great and my family is back together. It made me really appreciate all the military families and any others who have to be away from there spouses for months at times. Two months was hard on all of us and I'm so grateful were back together. 

God brings you on certain paths for a reason in life, you just have to trust in his plan, take his hand and let him guide you down this new journey. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Amarillo By Morning

I'm so proud of my husband. He is the illustration of what a man should be. He is such a hard working manager, the best dad to our little Miles, and a better husband than I probably deserve. I am blessed beyond measures. He has recently been offered a promotion within the company that will have us moving around 7 hours away from where we live now. It's such a huge change, a scary one-but yet so exciting at the same time. He deserves this new title and I'm thankful God placed me by his side to watch him grow and become the man that he is today.

With this move comes so much worry. Since he will be starting his new position before Miles and I are able to move that means we will be away from each other for a while. He will try to come home on weekends when he is able to, but we are really unsure of the weeks to come. I catch myself when I am in the middle of my tears because I know there are spouses out there overseas serving our country, there are widows out there praying for just one more time to see their loved ones--I shouldn't be sad/nervous over a few unknown months. But I am. I'm human.

I don't want to fail him as a wife, I don't want to fail Miles as a mom. There's days he gets home late and I question to myself how do single moms do this terrible two stage alone? I have one child going through these terrible twos...some moms are juggling it all. Am I doing something wrong? The stress of selling our house (thankfully it's under contract after being on the market for only a week, that's such a huge prayer answered from God), thankfully we do not have to pack a single thing in our house-a moving company will come and do all of that...all I have to do is take care of a two year old Tasmanian devil who can be a little bit angel/part terror at times-that should be easy enough right? Moms do it all the time. So why am I so overwhelmed. Maybe it's partly nerves of moving away from my hometown-I've been here for 31 years, it's all I know. I'm not a super huge fan of change, yet I truly am excited about this new adventure. I'm leaving my family, my friends...my normalcy.

I'm anxious, nervous, excited, scared and sad all in one....not to mention so proud and happy for my husband....and little terrified of being a single mom. I haven't had so many mixed emotions since going through IVF.

SOO-Here we come, Amarillo watch out!! Do I  happen to have any followers who live in Amarillo/know Amarillo?!!? :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015

Why is it at the beginning if the year everyone picks a couple things they want to do better? Why should we only focus on one or two things vs everything? Shouldn't we always want to strive to be better-in every aspect of life.

In 2015 I want to pray better, love deeper, be a better mother, a better wife, a better friend-daughter-sister-employee. 

I want to leave any hard times behind, let go and let God-I want to be a stronger person-the strong woman I know I'm capable of being. I want to hold my baby tighter, and love my husband deeper. 

I want to gain better self confidence, give more time to our Savior. I want to manage my time better, organize my house. Work out harder, eat healthier-yet still enjoy my sweets, life's to short to throw Oreos out the window completely.

Resolutions should be an all year-always-type thing. So this year, I'm promising to a better ME.

Happy 2015

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chaotically Beautiful

No one can prepare you exactly for mommy hood- no magazine, no book, no blog, nothing can prepare you for the emotions you will go through, the love you will have, the chaotic life you will soon endure.


I've always heard 'being a mom is a full time job' and that is so true. Even if you send your little one(s) off to school/daycare your brain is and will always be on 'mommy thoughts'...your mind never quite stops. What will he have for dinner, what is he doing now, did I dress him warm enough, did I pack enough for lunch....when is his next well check...didn't I hear him sniffle this morning...mommy thoughts go on and on. Then when I get off work and get him he runs around in circles till bed time. I soak in all the moments I can, sit on the floor with him and let him sit in my lap, does he want to play chase--sure I'm tired, sitting down and letting him just play with his toys on his own sure sounds more relaxing but he wants ME...let's play chase, peek a boo, read, wanna play cars?...legos?...the list goes on. I'm a sucker and when he wants me I'm there, am I spoiling him?Possibly. Should I still be holding him in my arms every night when he wants to go to sleep? Probably not. All the books say 'let him go to sleep on his own, it's healthy  for him and you'....some nights we put him in bed on his own and he does very well with it, but honestly most every night I hold him, he doesn't need to be rocked, nor does he 'have' to be held...but I 'have' to hold him, it's more for me then him. Around7:30 every night he wants his night time milk, I give him his sippy cup, he grabs his blankie and crawls in my lap. We snuggle, I get lots of hugs with those little arms wrapping around my neck and he goes to sleep in my arms. I get asked a lot why I do it and told often it's just not 'heathly'...but truth be known I do not know if we will try again for another baby-Miles may be our one and only little blessing from above, and if that's the case we are ok and we accept God's plan, but we want to soak in every special moment. They are only little once.


Who needs clean dishes and a clean house...or clean laundry when you could be snuggling with your little one? (I promise I do those things, I'm way to OCD to live in a messy house....but they do get put on the back burner).


What am I getting at? I promise always to be a better blogger. I want to be. I miss it...I love being able to look back and see/read our life. But in reality, I just haven't had time (It's behind my dishes and laundry haha). Mommy hood isn't easy-it's plum tiring to be honest. But oh it's quite amazing as well. The BEST tired feeling you will ever experience.


Miles has just turned 19 months. NINETEEN MONTHS...Can you believe that?! I know, me either! He is talking more, he still doesn't walk much--he RUNS haha! He loves his dogs and loves to climb, I think he believes he is superman as he jumps from couch to couch...he is a sweet, rowdy, loving, rambunctious little boy who keeps us on our toes, laughing, and our hearts melting over and over again. It took God 7 years to bless us with this miracle, but boy did He bless us!! Miles is everything and more than we could have ever wanted in a child.


Thank you friends/family for understanding that while I am not giving many updates on life, I am instead embracing mommy hood--the whole chaotically beautiful lifestyle in which I was blessed with--and the reason I am not on here writing more is because I am playing ninja turtles and hide and seek and chasing this adorable laughing boy around and around our house.




The Pifer Family
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