Friday, December 16, 2011

Life with Iphone Pics

I realize I haven’t posted pictures on my blog in about…FOREVER! I have just updated y’all with events going on…so I thought I would share some photos with you all backing from October (to catch up) I will try to update  y’all on 'Iphone pics’ more frequently. (I’ve tried to get them in order, but it wasn’t happening…so sorry about the out of order-ness)


Ash and I supporting or Baylor Bears! Zach and I got season tickets this year and went to EVERY home game! We are very proud of our Bears and very proud of RG3 for winning the Heisman!




We tried to take a picture at every game…


there was one game it rained the whole time, so no picture was captured… Sad smile




Setting up for Christmas time…loving my new chunky picture frames!

family pic1

And as you know we took our family photos Smile


Went to Branson, MO and went zip lining with Zach’s family!

ginger tree

Snuggling on the couch with my sweet Ginger girl!


Zach got a new pair of Cowboy boots and Ginger had to try them on Smile


Of course the last 3 months have consisted of many meds with me being so sick Sad smile


Thanksgiving Day heading to my family’s house…



Me Ziplining like a pro!


Being goofy traveling!


And last but not least, Zach zip lining…doing his Heisman move that he predicted RG3 would win!!! Smile

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ear Update & Christmas Presents

I had my appointment with my ENT yesterday....turns out I have a cyst deep down in my ear which is causing all of my pain. Although the ER stated my infection and my inner ear problems were not connected and purely coincidental, my ENT said they are very well connected. In fact my primary kept connecting it to my sinus infections and that he was was just coincidental, not connected at all.

Turns out the infection in my ear is the cyst way of wanting to heal...he is hoping after a month on my medicine my cyst will be gone. However if that's not the case, the only other way to remove it is surgery. 

I am just glad to know what is going on and hope the pain starts getting better. 

On another note....CHRISTMAS!!
 I am having a hard time getting everyone's gifts this it just me?? I feel like there isn't anything 'new' out that I haven't given to people before...I'm a manager at a jeweler y store, everyone should be set in stone and covered right?? WRONG! I am normally the person who is almost done Christmas shopping by September or October...I hit up all the 75% off sales after Christmas and store them away until the following Christmas...I found a few things last year, but not a whole lot....and with me working 6-7 days a week it's hard to find time to actually shop....My sweet husband went out on Black Friday for me to find me some great deals since I was unable to do so this year due to work...but I am no where near done with Christmas just a couple weeks away! 


Please tell me I am not alone!!! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scary Moment

I had a pretty scary moment Tuesday night..

Let me back track a little by reminding those who may have forgotten I have been struggling with fluid behind my eardrum for roughly 3-4 appointment with the ENT is next Tuesday...I have good days with my ear and bad days. Well Tuesday all day I kept mentioning how bad my ear was hurting, I remember apologizing to my co-workers for having to listen to me grip so much about it that day. I however never touched my ear nor did I look at it (I had no reason to think I needed too, I just associated the pain with my earaches.)

Well Tuesday night I go to pull up my hair to wash my face and  my left ear is bright red and appears to have several blister type things on it (I will spare the details here as they are not pleasant)...I knew in my gut something wasn't right and that my ear looked extremely infected...I told Zach to take me to the urgent care down the road hoping it would still be open so I wouldn't have to go to the ER. However they were closed, so off to the ER we went...

When they were registering me my blood pressure spiked to 200/90---I sat for a little longer and they checked it again, it went down a little to 185/87...they were still concerned so they got me to a room ASAP. 

Long story short they took many cultures of my ear (OUCH!)--they believed it was Staph and were nervous with it being so close to my brain...I sat in there for hours until my blood pressure went down , they associated my high blood pressure with the pain I was in due to my infection.

I was sent home with strict orders, wash sheets every day, come in if my fever spikes...all the precautionary things in case it was the worse case scenario. 

I got the call from the hospital today that I do NOT have staph or anything else contagious, I just have a really severe skin infection which with my antibiotics will go away! THANK GOD!

Needless to say the past couple days haven't been to pleasant on my end, it was pretty scary! 

Thank God for nothing serious!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Breaking Points...

The past few weeks have been rough. I feel as though I'm on verge of a breaking point. Alots going on in life, I'm working 6-7 days a week through the moms having some rough moments with her health and I feel as though the weight of the world is on my shoulders...

It doesn't help that this week will mark the 6th year since my Pepa passed away, and I can't help but think about my little beans we lost this year. This has been a rough year all around, one that at times I wish I could just forget but at times I want to always remember...a year that will be imbedded in my heart forever. 

I know that God places us in 'storms' for a reason, I know that 'storms' pass within time, and I do know and believe that after every storm there is a rainbow...

As I was crying and praying the other night, Zach interrupted me and said 'don't pray for an easy life Tiffany, Pray to be a stronger women' He is so right! At times I catch myself praying for things to be 'fair' or for things to get 'easier' when I should really be praying for strength to go through these storms. After all I was placed in these storms for a reason.

God knows my limits, and I must not act like he is pushing me to break...I should just trust that he will catch me if I fall.

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