Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

                                               Happy Halloween from our family to yours :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our 'pregnancy' story

This cycle has been a little bit of a started off smooth. We didn't tell anyone, we had the opportunity to do our transfer fairly quickly after our D&C and although it was a hard choice to move on right away we both knew it was what we wanted. We didn't tell our jobs, family, anyone...I had 2 friends who knew. That was it. Keeping it a secret this time was a little easier than last time; not only were we scared we didn't want anyone to worry as well.

On August 28th Zach and I went in for our transfer where they transferred 3 perfect embryos...I was off for about a week, complete bed rest. I started testing like I always do and within days knew it took...but would it last was the question?

Roughly at 4 weeks pregnant I starting spotting; fearing the worst and just needing answers I went in for an ultrasound. My husband was out of town so thankfully my best friend Ashley rushed over to go to the doctor with me; that was when we saw one perfect sac! The Dr really couldn't explain what the spotting was from but he advised me to just take it easy...

I spotted off and on for a couple more weeks...around 6 and half weeks I went to the restroom and realized I was losing alot of blood....I panicked! Called Zach immediately and he rushed me to the ER. I had to have some fluids pumped in me and a catheter put in me for an ultrasound...again I expected the worse! With that amount of blood I knew it was over. To our surprise there was a perfect little baby with a heart beating of 124 beats per minute.

I went in for an appt at 8 weeks and everything looked great, my Dr saw a small hemorrhage spot near my placenta and said that could be where the blood was coming from...the baby's heart was now around 165bpm and everything was progressing perfectly....since I was still spotting he wanted to keep me vs. releasing me to my OBGYN in town. I went back at 10 weeks where Zach and I got to see our baby move, it waved at us...I believe that's the moment it sunk it that 'this is real'....our baby's heart beat at that time was around 181 and everything looked amazing. I went back yesterday for my last appt with my RE, my 12 week appt. The baby was great! Heart beat of 171.

As of right now I am not spotting anymore; but I can't tell you the fear every time I go potty.

Have you seen 'What to expect when expecting?' You know the lady who tried for a while and she had what she referred to was an 'Ugly pregnancy' (Gas, bloating, burping, acne, sickness....?) Yea, that's me! All of it! I knew people had pregnancy's where they didn't feel good at times, but I always pictured myself having a 'pretty' one....HAHA! Who was I kidding? I am very happy to say this pregnancy is an 'ugly one'...I burp like a man! Pass gas when I don't even mean too! Sound like I'm dying in the mornings when I'm throwing up! Can only eat a handful of things--pickles are my lifesaver! I can't sleep at all, but yet I'm tired all the time! IT'S A PRETTY NASTY AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I wanted this, I prayed for this...I wanted the reassurance every day that my baby was still fighting....and I GOT IT!! I can't complain, although it's not really fun, it's what I needed to keep me sane!

So please say a little prayer that this little bean stays holding on tight and that momma has no more spotting!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pifer Family
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