Tuesday, March 26, 2013

33 weeks

7 weeks (give or take) and our sweet little boy will be here. I'm so ready (well not really, I need my baby shower because I don't have a thing for him yet besides furniture-but other than that I'm ready).

I've been getting the tummy stares a lot lately, everywhere we go people ask when I'm due. I have to be honest-I'm soaking those moments in. I used to be that lady-gawking at every pregnant person I saw...now I'm 'the' lady getting all this belly attention. :)

My mom bought me my hospital clothes the other day, some nightgowns and a cotton robe. Crazy to think we are that close that things are being bought for that...eeekkkk!!! :)

Sleep is still hard, some nights (good nights) I wake every two hours just to pee...bad nights I see every hour of the clock because I'm either peeing or my hips are throbbing....and even worse nights I wake up at 2-3 wide awake and can't go back to sleep. I'm certain God is preparing me for a little night owl :)

Cravings are pretty much the same-I can't eat too much because I feel like my stomach is so smushed it must fill up faster? Not quite sure? But I'm loving spaghetti (which I was not a huge fan before pregnancy, I'm not a big red sauce girl...I love Alfredo...but Miles loves spaghetti with meat sauce) :)....grapes are a must have...cereal has become a yummy snack...still watermelon.

My appt on Monday went well...I go back in two weeks then I will start my weekly checks. :)

I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve all of this, why our prayers were finally answered, why God has chosen us to be Miles's parents but I couldn't be more grateful for this whole experience. There were times I often wondered if pregnancy was ever going to happen...it's still all so surreal to think I'm almost done and so close to have my son (MY SON!!!!!) in my arms!! I'm so elated. :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

31 weeks

Can you believe we are officially in the single digit week count down?? I swear the beginning of my pregnancy seemed to take forever; but now it's literally flying by!!

As far as cravings there all pretty much the same-I love fruits and veggies, salads, cold cold cold drinks, not a fan of anything sweet, as much as I used to like Mexican food I can only eat it every once in a while due to my horrible acid reflux, spaghetti has become a recent fav...

I'm def gaining weight now-seeing the scale move up at appts is the worst part about my appts haha! I try to bypass that point but they always have to have my weight-darn them!! :) Everyone's been telling me I'm tiny, I honestly don't see it-I think it's because I've gained so much in my hip,thigh,butt area- I feel anything BUTT tiny! Ha!!

My body has been aching-my hips and back at the end of the day are on fire! Thank The Lord for my sweet husband who gives me nightly massages. Although the relief is only temporary it feels so amazing! Sleep is hard because I feel like every organ in my body is being smushed by a 20lb child inside me-ha!! I'm think God's preparing me for a son who will be a night owl :)

The nursery is coming along! So exciting!! I can't wait till its done so I (and you) can see the final project!!

I go back in 2 weeks for my 33week check up! My maternity pictures are on the 23rd ((sooooo excited!!!)) and my baby shower is April 6th--so exciting!!! ((I've received alot of emails asking where we are registered-I promise I'm answering them as fast as I can--I don't mind posting it on here though; Target and Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot....I promise though I will respond to your emails as well as your questions)) :)

Thank you everyone for all the support through our journey TO pregnancy and so far THROUGH pregnancy! Means alot!! ❤

Not much longer till our little bean will be here!! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear My Darling Miles

March 1st 2006 I went into the Dr to get a normal exam....I came out being told that 'getting pregnant wouldn't be easy'...Zachary and I decided to start trying that very day, yes in the beginning we didn't realize the severity of things...and yes by 'trying' we only 'stoped birth control'...but that was the beginning to this journey...this long 7 year journey.

7 years to the date later I am sitting here about to share a letter I have written to my unborn son. YES I am finally pregnant. 29 weeks pregnant with a boy who we have named Miles Thomas. Theres really no words I can give you to explain the gratitude we have in our hearts...we can only give thanks to God above for his timing and this wonderful miracle.

Dear My Darling Miles,
    This is the only letter I’ve written to someone who isn’t even alive yet. I dreamed of the day I could write you, I had faith that one day you would be on your way and I would be able to tell you just how much you meant to me. I knew I would love you and would be over the moon, but I could have never been prepared for these type of emotions. I feel like I know you so much already, but I can't wait to know you even more. I am so beyond excited to see your personality. Will you be laid back like your mother, or on the constant go like your father....if your anything like you are in the womb I would guess you would be like your father. You are a busy little guy in my belly. I often wonder when you actually sleep. It makes me laugh to see my belly bounce up and down....I know you will keep us on the go.

    I dream about you a lot. I picture you as handsome as your daddy! Your beautiful—I’m already in love. I knew your daddy was the one who I wanted to spend the rest of my life when I met him. You will complete us sweet Miles. You will be a little of your daddy and a little of your mommy (please get my temper) :)  You are truly our sunshine.

    I look at all we have went through to get you here with us and honestly it was worth every heartache....YOU are worth it all my love!  I have learned in my life not to ask God why certain things happen or don’t happen. I hope there's nothing in life you fear,I pray that you dream BIG, and you love BIG as well. I pray that you always have faith in your heart and a smile on your face. You, my son, ARE A MIRACLE from God. I pray you never forget how special you are. Never be afraid to take a leap in life. You are AMAZING.

I love you my sunshine.
Always-Your mom

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