Tuesday, January 22, 2013

24 weeks

I've made it to the point of viability. Such an amazing feeling. Miles better stay put for quite a bit longer though :)

Cravings: they have switched from fresh veggies to fresh fruit...ESP watermelon! I can't get enough!!

Sleep: still the same. Some nights it's good and I get 4-5 hours. Some nights maybe like 2 haha...I just take that as a sign Gods preparing me for a newborn :)

I have had some severe acid reflux issues..nothing they are giving me works,and it doesn't matter what I eat or how much or how little I eat it hurts...but again, I'll take the discomforts any day if Miles stays healthy! :)

Exciting events: his nursery is painted and furniture will arrive this Sunday!! I get to spend my first birthday pregnant...such a blessing! We have a small Babymoon to New Mexico scheduled in February. My glucose test is coming up in February! I get a 4D ultrasound of this sweet baby's face in early March. And my baby shower is in the midst of being planned (so surreal)!!! So many fun exciting things.

Miles kicks and moves like crazy!! I call him my little monster because sometimes it looks likes he's trying to escape my belly! He's one active baby-and I think huge too by the looks of me :)

God is so great!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

22 weeks

Two weeks tills viability ❤

I'm finally getting over the flu-so happy that is almost over! I thought the flu was bad but the flu while pregnant was awful!!

My cravings are still the same. The only thing new is fajitas which is awesome since I haven't wanted meat in weeks!

Sleep is still not happening :-(. I have a pregnancy pillow and its just not helping. I'm having horrible hip pains at sleep. My poor hubby goes from the bed to the couch during the week so I can sprawl out. (And so he can actually get some sleep haha!)

We are starting the nursery! I can't wait! I'm so excited that so much is coming together :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Week 21

Over half way there! I can't believe it! I'm so ready to see this sweet boy!!

I've still been battling the flu/double ear infection. I feel much better but still a journey to me being 100%. It seems like its dragging and I'm sure it's because I can't take strong meds. I'm just beyond thankful I'm ok and so is Miles.

I have been feeling him sooo much lately. I'm even able to see my belly move when he really starts kicking, it's so amazing. I never knew how amazing and how strong this love could be.

As far as cravings it's pretty much the same. I wasn't able to eat much this past week due to being sick; don't worry-I ate enough for Miles but just not as much as I would have ate if I felt better. I'm still loving all veggies and spicy foods. I've been hooked on pickles and lately sour skittles!!

Sleeps been hard lately. I'm not sure if he's sitting on a nerve or what but my back and hip have been killing me!!

I'm so thankful for these 21 weeks and I look forward to the next 19 (hopefully flying by)!!

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