Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me &My Life--Prayer Request

Ok, Ok so several people have been asking about "me"....about "my life". To be honest my life really hasn't had anything majorly interesting to blog about.

As far as infertility stuff were pretty much at a stand still until the fertility clinic visit in unfortunately I don't have any new updates on that...

My mom is doing great--walking a tad bit. Her physical theraphy is hurting her pretty bad; but seems to be helping which is amazing.

Zach is doing great; he went to work this past week; but just stayed in the office and helped around vs. getting on the truck and doing his route work. He to is going to physical therapy-which so far isn't hurting him "too" bad.

As for "me"....hmmm.....I got my hair cut!!! See --->

Starting on June 15th I will be attending my very first "boot camp". Click here to if you want to read about it. It's local and I am extremely excited about look forward to the "what was I thinking-I'm exhausted posts" :) One of the major reasons I decided to do this was to help me get through this "waiting" period before our fertility clinic visit...I may seem OK, but I truly am a nervous wreck. Boot camp will be M-W-F from 6pm-7pm for 5 weeks, it will end right before my appointment, which is great....just enough time to keep me busy throughout these weeks.

Also yesterday when we went to Zach's PT I was talking to the lady working on him, I mentioned my back hurting and she immediately started asking me questions...she asked me to hop up on the table so that she could check something, well turns out my back is way out of line, my spine pretty much goes in every direction possible, I have a little scoliosis at the bottom (which I knew that) but she told me the reason my back is always in pain is because my spine needs to be re-aligned. In TX they can't "fix" you until you get a referral from your Dr. to go to physical therapy; so unfortunately I am still in pain...I will most likely make an appt this week sometime. (just one more thing to add to the "I'm Broken List".

Zach and I went over to my brother in law's friends house the other day for a cook out, and I was sitting there cradling my dog like a baby (b/c #1 that's how she likes to be held and #2 she IS my baby)...well there was this girl there who was holding a real child...I'm playing "goochie-goo" with my DOG and she is playing "goochie-goo" with her baby, I wanted to break down and cry right then and there. Babies normally don't bother me, actually I LOVE being around any child. I LOVE my doggies, they are spoiled rotten, always will be....but when I looked across the room and saw her snuggling with her baby while I was snuggling with my "4-legged" baby it did put an ache in my heart...but since I don't have any kido's to snap pictures of and post all over my blog, I must snap pictures of my lovely doggies....there my kids for now.




Also, I have a couple prayer request...

Kami-she just finished her 2nd IVF and is seeing "2 pink lines"; please pray that her little baby/babies stick and that she has a happy and healthy pregnancy...please pray for strength for her right now as she is very nervous.

Ashley-she just found out she was pregnant recently and is now experienceing some spotting...please pray that everything is ok and that this spoting is nothing serious. Also pray for strength for her as she is nervous.

Katie-she is about 8 weeks pregnant with twins, on Wed. they discovered that baby A didnt have a heartbeat and quit growing, please pray that baby B continues to grow and that she will have a happy and healthy pregnancy. She too is really nervous and scared, so please pray for strength for her.

Q&A post will be up Sunday or Monday, if you have any questions you want answers to send them to me before then :)

I've recieved a couple cards in the mail recently--really really sweet cards and I must say a HUGE thank you! I really needed that! I appriciate all of ya'lls prayers and support more than you will ever know!!!! One of the cards was so amazing that a blog will be coming about it pretty soon....see I promise I have all these things I want to blog about, I just really haven't had the time with taking care of my 2 patients...but I promise I have a few "special" blogs coming soon!!!!!

Can I Win??

Ash announced the NEW Raffle Giveaway this morning....hop over here to read week # 3's amazing giveaway!!!

One question though---can I win??? ha! This product is something I would LOVE to have; I've looked at these quite a bit locally but haven't purchased one yet--I know I know I can't win; but if I can't that means one of you amazing women need too!!!

Remember the raffle rules changed and now MORE people have a chance of getting there names put in MULTIPLE time!!!! Read here for more details....

So head over to The Pifer Bean Fund Blog and check out week 3!!!


Check back later for updates on my "patients" :)

and last call for all questions...I'm almost done with the question post, so if you haven't asked your question, now is the time!!! :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

A "New" Way...

Ash has been thinking of a way to include “EVERYONE” in the raffle…NOT just those who donate/purchase. They want all of you lovely bloggers to have a chance to win something, and I agree with them—you all are so amazing and YOU should all have a chance to participate.

Plus this will help you be able to get entered “EVERY WEEK” after all we have many things to raffle off and there all so amazing…

So here is how you can get your name entered-

* For every $1.00 donated/or purchasing an item your name will be entered one time -> example: donation of $5.00 or purchase of a $5.00 item gets your name entered 5 TIMES now!

* For every comment left you get one entree into the raffle!

* For every re-post you get 2 entrees into the raffle -> however you will have to leave a comment or send an email telling us you did this, that away we can make sure we put your name in the drawling!! (so if you leave a comment AND re-post…that’s 3 chances to win already!!!)

* For every picture sent in for Ashley’s project, you will get your name entered in one time.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what amazing product will be raffled off next week...and make sure your following The Pifer Bean Fund blog to see what the "hint" is as well as other information that won't be posted on my blog!!!

Week 2 Winners

Week # 2 for the Pifer Bean Fundraiser has come and gone! We had well over 100 entrees this week---I can't tell you how amazing that is!!!
Zach and I drew the winners this week, HOW EXCITING that was.These 2 crossses donated by the amazing Twist of Dazzle and Silver N Sassy were two of the cutest I've ever seen (which the pictures provide were only samples, the winners will get to customize there OWN crosses-wow!!!! So a BIG thank you to our sponsors!!!


All of the names to be drawn

Me drawing my person....
Zach drawing the 2nd name

I dont't have blog-links to either winner--but Congrats to those who won!! You have won some AWESOME prizes. Ashley has emailed the sponsors and they will be contacting you to personalize your crosses you have won!!

Head over to the "Pifer Bean Blog" to see the "hint" that was left for tomorrows raffle....any guesses as to what it could be?!!?

((AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.....etc. thank you sooooooooo much for all the prayers, all the sweet comments, all the sweet emails, texts, messages, letters, cards, and support you all have given my husband and I. It means the world to us that so many care....))

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I have a new blog—yes this will remain my “main blog”, but my sweet friend Ashley has been ever so kind to make me a separate “fundraiser blog”. My personal blog has turned into more fundraiser stuff lately then my personal life…don’t get me wrong, I am tremendously blessed and honored to post about the fundraisers and I will remain posting about them; I just don't want my personal blog to lose "me"; if that makes sense....I like posting my feelings, my thoughts, my life and here lately I've caught myself posting mostly fundrasier stuff...but like I said I will remain posting this information on my blog, however I will be posting more of my normal day life as well!! We are drawling the raffle winners tonight and posting it tomorrow and Saturday we will be posting our next raffle…so I will still post these updates on my blog—but the fundraiser blog will be “all” about the fundraisers. Ashley is working on a few projects for Zach and I—the Pifer Bean Fund Blog is where all this information will be. I hope you all hop over to my new blog and follow along so you can see the details of the raffles—YOU might be the next winner!! We had several sponsors (whom are all on my left hand tool bar, I need to add some more that I haven’t had time to add yet)…they have all donated wonderful items on behalf of us for this fundraiser and I am so very grateful.

I am so amazed that all of ya’ll care so much for my husband and I. Of course I found out why my blog got “high jacked” yesterday-but I have been banned from seeing the pictures just yet…I was told to tell ya’ll to keep sending your pictures in because they will be posted weekly, click here to read the “high jacked blog post”. Also, the next batch of bracelets will be sent out tomorrow, so if you haven’t received yours they should be on there way…I was also told to tell you we have more, so if you haven’t received yours please click here for bracelet/fundraiser details.

SO…what are you waiting for…head over to my new blog and keep up with all the amazing things our friends are doing for us!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We've "High Jacked" Tiffany's Blog

Hello Everyone!!!

Its me, Ashley, and I have decided that I am going to "high jack" Tiffany's blog!!

Most everyone knows about The Pifer Bean Fundrasier, if you do not know about this please click here.

We have had an overwhelming response to the bracelets and keychains!! It absolutely blows our mind that so many people out there are wanting to help the Pifers conceive their miracle baby! We are so thankful for each and everyone of you!!!
I am wanting to make Tiffany & Zach a scrapbook type photo album for all the fundraiser's we are doing. Since this is the first one we are wanting everyone to send us SUPPORT NOTES!!

If you have your bracelet or keychains, take pictures with them and send them to me by email. If you do not have a keychain or bracelet, but you still want to show your support for The Pifers you can send in pictures of your praying for them, write them a sweet note, make posters that say praying for the Pifers, Praying for your Bean, etc.

At the end of the week we want to post pictures of everyone who is supporting and praying for the Pifers!!

Climbing the Mountain

The Christian life is like a mountain climb, climbing the mountain of God. God is our mountain to which we cling as we journey throughout our struggles and life in general. Some like to stand at a distance and admire a mountain. What a grand sight it is—some look at it in fear and question how they will conquer this climb! It is those who struggle up it, who taste its toughness, its difficulty, these get to know the ability to have true Faith in our Lord. It is those who cling to the rock when there is exposure and danger, who experience the horrific damages of a storm, all the hazards, these get to know our Lord and Savior.

To climb the mountain of God you have to be committed. It is true that we only really get to know God as we experience the pain and struggles of life – and keep on climbing, clinging to our Rock. This takes commitment. The first and great commandment is: “Thou shalt love thy Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind” Matthew. 22:37. And so I must ask myself, “Is God first in my life? Am I committed to Him above all else? Am I committed to reaching the top, or, if the going gets tough, will I drop out?” NO…I will not drop out! I will stay strong…I will keep my Faith and I will lean on and trust our Lord and Savior!

One day, the climb of life will be over. We will reach the top of our bumpy climb of the Mountain of Life, we turn to our fellow climbers and shout, “Hallelujah! We made it!”– what an awesome experience. We will look back down the mountain and see the route that God so tenderly laid out for us, all plain now. At times, when we were climbing, it seemed so dark and confusing. But now at the time we reach the top it will be all clear; God’s plan WILL be clear! How good God is!!!!

So when your struggling to get up your mountain of life—Have Faith, Yesterday was a hard day for myself, all of us “climbers” will have tough days…but with faith, trust, guidance and commitment we will make it to the top…

“Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and Thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds, Thy righteousness is like the great mountains” Psalm 36:5-6

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Blues....

I’m not having too well of a day so far—no nothings happened; just in a funk. My downs are far and few between; but today I’m down for some reason. I have a lot on my mind…maybe it’s the Tuesday blues?! Maybe it’s because I’ve been off a whole week and haven’t even had time to rest due to playing Dr. to my sweet-amazing patient…ok so he isn’t the greatest of patients, but he is a sweet and amazing husband :). Maybe I’m secretly stressed about this upcoming fertility clinic visit—well’s no secret really, I’m truly panicking about the cost. The closer we get the more I panic I think, which is now less than 50 days away (YES-I’m still counting!) Maybe it’s my mom whom is still having pain and discomfort...maybe it’s just my work inbox full to the top and I can’t get my concentration straight right now to answer all of the many work questions? Maybe I’m just worried about all the above?!?

I’m not sure where my Tuesday blues comes from, but I wish it would go away…

I know that God is holding me tight through this journey, I have all the Faith in the world plus some; however I am human and I to have those days where I want to crawl in a hole and not come out for days. I feel like I just need a huge cry; but I can’t cry…I have this ache in my heart and this lump in my throat---I’m done with this rollercoaster, I’m ready to jump off and this journey be over. But God’s arms are around me and he is telling me it’s not over yet…I know we will make it through this. I know I will have my fears, sadness, happy days and well let’s face it…every other emotion you can possibly have…

I have a love-hate relationship with infertility…I love how infertility has changed my life, how it has changed my outlook and my perspective of things…I love how it’s given me the ability to lean on God and I love how it’s brought my husband and I so much closer….but I hate the rollercoaster feelings…I hate not being able to “know” if I can have a child….I think that’s the single hardest part—not knowing! I just wish that God could whisper in my ear and tell me I CAN get pregnant….it would make this journey a lot easier.

Sorry for the Debbie-Downer post; I promise I am ok…just in a funky mood…like I mentioned it could be a number of things, I truly have been going 90-nothing the past couple weeks taking care of my mother and my husband, I’m truly worn out and need strength. I have a lot of fear and sadness today and I pray that it doesn’t last long. I will be ok—God has a special plan for myself and my husband, I trust in him—I have Faith that he is with us through this journey…I just wish he would give me a little insight and let me know it’s almost over…please keep the prayers coming, they mean so much to me.

**Also, I have received ya’lls questions for my Q&A post coming soon….please continue to send them in…post will be coming within the next week...hopefully**

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long "tiring" week...

(First--I posted yesterday about the week 2 raffle , but somehow it's not showing up on others dashboards?? I have tried to re-post it and everything but for some reason it's still not working, however it is on my page, so you can view it---please check it out; we have two amazing raffles this week---->that means, TWO WINNERS :) )

K- now to my Long "Tiring" Week post....

Who would have thought that taking care of Zach would be "so" tiring. When we said our vows..."for better or worse....sickness and in health" the preacher failed to mention the "whining" that comes along with your husband having knee surgery--HA! All jokes aside, I love taking care of him, I love being the one who he calls when he needs something and seeing the thanks in his eyes when I help him. He appreciates it and I love being able to nurture him; no matter how tiring it is.

So-for updates:

* Zach is still extremely sore, which the Dr. said since he "dug" around in there and his knee surgery was a little more intense than the "normal" that he would have quite a bit of pain, and boy does he! I feel so sorry for him, b/c he wakes up throughout the night and moans and groans in pain--it's painful watching your "Ever so strong" husband in pain. He had physical theraphy on Thursday; he didn't do anything, they just went over everything he will be doing come this week--he will go every Wednesday and Friday for a few weeks I'm sure. Next week he will go back to work, but he will be staying in the office and not driving like he normally does. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, healing wise he is doing wonderful, we just have to get through this pain that he is having.

*Mom is still doing great, she too is going through physical therapy and she hurts quite a bit after it's over. She is still walking on a walker, but very slowly...I am tremendously proud of her and think she is doing amazing. But if you could still pray for her and her pain that would be great :)

* 52 days till our very first appt with the fertility clinic--but again, whose really counting ;)

I have been getting alot of questions on multiple things---my faith, my favorites, suggestions, advice, advertisement, fundraisers, raffle, donations, ttc and fertility clinic... and several other subjects; so I think I am going to have another Q and A post, like I did in the past. So now is the time to ask me anything you can put it in the comment section or send it to my email (which is on my right side bar).

Thank you again for those whom have helped my husband and I throughout this journey!! By prayers-by support-by donation-by friendship, you all are simply amazing!!! I know I say this every time I post something, esp. here lately but I am truly amazed and so grateful...and just "typing" thanks just doesn't seem like "enough"...I can't express my gratitude enough and I truly hope that you all know Zach and I are so very thankful for you. GOD IS AMAZING!!

{{don't forget to look at the below post to see what "YOU" could win this week.....}}

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week 2 Raffle- Twist of Dazzle & Silver N Sassy

We are so excited to announce the Week # 2 raffle giveaway!!

THERE WILL BE 2 WINNERS AGAIN THIS WEEK!! We have had two amazing donations for Wall Crosses!!

* The first will definitely put a bit of “Dazzle” in your life. Twist of Dazzle's goal is to provide all of their clients with an easy and fun shopping experience, while at the same time providing high quality individually handcrafted products.

The owners of Twist of Dazzles are both working moms that brought Twist of Dazzle to life through the encouragement of their friends & families and of course their loved ones. They love to create personal gifts that reflect their client’s personalities and bring joy to their lives.

Twist of Dazzle has been ever so kind and donated a medium cross to give away! The winner will get to pick their colors too, so she is CUSTOMIZING this for YOU!!

Here are some samples of their crosses they have done:

Of course they have MUCH MUCH MORE OFFER! They have coasters, candles, buckets, Custom made signs, coffee tumblers or drink cups, sports bottles, badge holders, crosses, key chains and pendants, bow holders, pencil boxes, dog bowls, dry erase boards you name it THEY HAVE IT!!! Like they say "You Dream It"... "They Create It"!!!

Go check out their website or to there myspace page.


* The second is from the amazing Silver N Sassy Gifts; she has been ever so generous to donated one of her BEAUTIFUL crosses as well.

Silver N Sassy is a mother, daughter & best friend team! They are always making things for people and love decorating for wedding and showers! Silver N Sassy Gifts has many different options for expressing; gratitude, sympathy, love, new baby, birthday or even for a just because gift. You can choose a theme or pick one of theirs that is already made. They custom make your gifts to meet all of your needs and wants!

Click here to go to there website and if you have any questions you can email them here: RDBASKETS@YAHOO.COM

*Don't forget to tell them Pifer Bean Fund sent ya!

(The 1st person drawn next Thursday will win the first item metioned which is Twist of Dazzle and the 2nd name drawn will win the cross from Silver N Sassy)

***To automatically get your name entered into the drawling all you have to do is re-post this; just make sure you comment letting us know you re-posted---to get your name entered in more than one time, click here for details.***


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