Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Officially Began...

Although I know as soon as you start your birth control that actually means you are 'officially' started...but to me it seems 'official' with that 1st shot!

Last night = our first shot!

We begin the Lupron once a night (due to Zach's and our schedule we opted for 8pm; our Dr. told us to try to get it as close to on the dot every night so that is a good time for us!)...

Zach did a great job! Although I can and will give myself a shot if I have too- I prefer not too; the couple times I had to last cycle with our IUI I about had a nervous breakdown and that was with a Gonal F pen! This is the real deal I feel like! 

Zach went this morning to Temple to freeze a sample for backup if we need week I have my first follicle ultrasound! I just cant believe it's HERE! I know the next couple weeks will fly by and it will be the middle of June before I know it; however as crazy as it sounds I want to to enjoy each day leading up to that time--although in a week or two when my ovaries feel as though they could explode due to the over capacity in there I know I will be wishing for it to hurry and fly by--but right now I am enjoying taking one day at a time!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be on this IVF journey!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


(well starts Wednesday)
I received my first shipment of injections/meds today--I still have one more shipment from London that will be here next week! I can't believe we are about to start injections! I can't believe HOW MANY NEEDLES I have been sent-lol!! I have seen pictures; but it's so surreal when you open the package and see it yourself!!

As much as I hate needles and shots I am beyond excited to get started! I'll endure any pain for our little Pifer bean! 

((On a side note, please say a special prayer for my sweet friend Erin--I met her a couple years ago I guess online; She conceived her son on her very first IVF--and now is in the process of doing her second IVF for her second child. This sweet couple is just a couple weeks ahead of me and Erin and has been such an inspiration to me;...she had her retrieval today--please say a little prayer that she gets a good fertilization count tomorrow!

Also if you will please lift my other sweet friend, Tammy up in your prayers--her beta came back not so well--she needs our support during this time--love ya hun!))

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I gotta' pee!!

OH-MMM-GEEE--this whole full bladder thing was not what I even expected it to be; it was wayyyy worse!

Keep in mind I have NEVER had to have any kind of ultrasound done with a full bladder; also keep in mind my bladder is like the size of a pea and I have to pee every 30 seconds it seems-ha!

Well; when the Dr called for a full bladder I drank....and drank....and drank....and drank some water (and more) the point I felt like I could explode. My mother went with me today since Zach couldn't; and I told her on our way in the hospital that I didn't think I would make it to the ultrasound without peeing--I had to GO!!

After waiting in the waiting room for about 10 minutes I couldn't hold it any longer; I got this grand idea I was just going to 'pee enough' just to get the hurt away then 'stop it' so it still stayed full (haa!!!) It worked...I felt so much better (and still had to pee) so I knew there HAD to be tons of fluids left in there!!

SURE ENOUGH there was; he said my bladder was really full---so I am very glad I cheated and let a 'little' out! :)

The doctor said my insides looked amazing; he did another test transfer today--he had a little struggle with it today due to my tilted uterus; but overall said it went great! He talked to me a little about starting my Lupron shots this upcoming Wednesday--He checked some vitals for the anesthesiologist then sent me on my way for blood-work. Zach will be getting his blood-work at the Waco clinic tomorrow and will be giving his 'sample' next week to freeze for backup! 

I DID ask him about my nausea (although SEVERAL people have emailed me and commented that this is perfectly normal) I have been getting criticized by some people in my life--some thinking I am just a baby or wanting pitty 'How can birth control make you so sick'....although I knew how I felt and didn't feel the need to justify how I felt to these particular people--it makes me feel better hearing my Dr tell me exactly what several of y'all told me--'YES this makes you sick and this can be one of the worst parts'

I am beyond excited about this cycle; I can't wait to get things started! I have managed to keep a level head; several people keep commenting about how they 'know' this will work; and although I hope and pray they are right I am just thankful for the chance to get to have IVF done! I am taking one day at a time and leaving the rest to God!! He knows what I want; I pray about it every night; He has our life in His hands and we trust in Him!

Thank you for all the prayers; comments; emails; cards and support throughout all of this--it means more than I could possible express! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Ultrasound

My first ultrasound is TOMORROW...

I have a feeling things will go fast once I start with my ultrasounds and injections! 

The ultrasound is just to make sure I am cyst free before I start stimulating my ovaries with the shots!

I'm SO EXCITED to get this show on the road--I am also sooo over this birth control part (only about 11 more days of it!)

So say prayers that my little ovaries are cyst free and we get the go-ahead to start injections next Wednesday :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Need A Favor

I need to ask a HUGE favor from y'all!!

This pretty girl is Zach's cousin!!! She is an aspiring model who has entered to be the next Maurice's Main Street Model--and she needs OUR VOTES!

It would mean the world to me, and her if you would head over to Maurice's website by clicking here and vote for her. 

You will probably have to search for her by name: Chelsea Shilala

Voting ends April 24th (and you can vote every 24 hours) So KEEP the votes coming!!!!!


Friday, April 15, 2011


Look what was waiting in my inbox today:

Your appointments are as follows:

05/06/2011 @ 9:40 am desk 3A (Ultrasound)
05/11/2011 @ 10:20 am desk 3A (Ultrasound)
05/13/2011 @ 9:30 am desk 3A (Ultrasound)
05/16/2011 @ 11:20 am desk 3A (Ultrasound-Pre op)

Please be aware that these appointment times and dates are tentative


 My injections start on the 27th of April--and they have our retrieval on the 19th of May (thats given that everything goes accordingly to planned) That would be the day before our 5 year wedding anniversary!!! We planned on celebrating our 5 year anniversary in Fredricksburg--HOWEVER, I will be more than happy to spend it at a hospital having surgery to retrieve our little eggies!! :)

AND if everything goes accordingly to planned we shall find out mid June if we will have a blessing on the way :)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday


I love you to the moon and back Zach, hope this birthday is amazing; and I hope the year of being '26' brings you oddles of blessings ;)

Today is also my sister in laws birthday (no not twins)...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nascar Fun

The company Zach works for is one of the many sponsors of Nascar; so he came home one day from work with 2 free tickets to the race. I never follow Nascar-but boy are the races exciting!!
and these cars are extremly LOUD!! 
Zach and I had a fabulous time enjoying the beautiful weekend!!

We did-however-have to leave a little early because I started feeling extremely sick!

These pills are kicking my hiney--I have received quite a few emails from bloggers and fellow IVF'ers saying this was the hardest/worst part for them, it's nice to know I am not alone in feeling this way! I can say I haven't actually gotten 'sick' it's just the worst nausea that I've ever experienced. I am so blessed to have a husband who is pampering me throughout all of this! I'm living off of saltine crackers and sprite zero! If anyone has any tips for nausea please feel free to share-I have found that peppermints and minty gum help! 

I am all for feeling so horrible in hopes this will bring us the biggest blessing of all! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birth Control Blues

I am hoping it's the combination of taking my birth control + taking Midol for my horrid cramps that is leaving me sick to my stomach, and not the actual birth control. Only 2 days on it and I feel awful :(

Birth control always did make me sick though, this 2-3 weeks hopefully will fly by! 

I do have a question to all of those who have done IVF and have taken birth control...

1) What kind of birth control did you take? (I'm on Levora)

2.) Does it even matter what kind of birth control your on as long as you are on the birth control for an IVF (just curious?!)

3.) What time of the day do y'all take/took y'alls birth control? I'm taking it at night with my supper...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started

Phase one of IVF starts....NOW!

Lets Rock and Roll!!!! :)

Infertility Awareness Month

As you all know (if you have been reading my blog for a while) I always dedicate April to infertility awareness. Although I will be posting some, I'm sad to say I won't do my normal post and giveaways that I normally have. With our upcoming IVF cycle I just don't think I will have time to put all the time into my blog as I have the past few years; I do hope y'all understand.

Infertility has been one of those journeys that no women, especially me, dreams of...however I am so thankful that God choose me for has taught me so much about myself, has made my husband and our relationship stronger and has taught us to place everything in the Lords hands and to lean on him for guidance.

Infertility is a heart-wrenching, faith-questioning, relationship-testing, life-altering experience. Please say a special prayer tonight in honor of those who struggle with infertility, for those who long to hear the words 'I love you mommy', for those who would give there right arm to see 2 pink lines...keep these special couples in your thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow and always!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Any day now...

We will begin our very first IVF cycle any day now...

I started to spot and called my IVF nurse, she said I have to wait until it's full flow and then we will get started on everything...I have to admit-my stomach went in knots knowing it's right around the corner. I'm so used to the 'waiting game' I'm not used to actually 'doing something' as odd as that is!

HOW EXCITING to know that any day our journey will begin!

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