Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Happy Happy

I'm such a happy baby! Mommy could (and does) take pictures of me constantly!

Newborn pictures

Our sweet little fellow had his newborn pictures taken! I must say his mighty handsome :)

One Month Old

I turned one month old on Sunday, May 19th.

I love to look around, I'm very alert-especially when my mommy & daddy are around.

My little neck is getting so strong, mommy says I'm trying to be a big boy too fast...

I also like to try to hold my own bottle.

I love to snuggle-mommy and daddy love this about me!

I eat anywhere from 3-5oz every 3-4.5 hours. I'm an extremely loud eater, I burp and toot like a man! (Or so mommy says!)

I only scream when mommy or daddy doesn't make my bottle fast enough. Other than that they tell me I'm a good baby because I don't really cry.

During my first month I went to the zoo for the first time ever-I slept the whole way through it, but I'm sure it was fun! I went to Kiddie Land and was very alert & content...I love being outside. We also went to the Mayborn museum. Grandma Baby came to visit me all the way from IL for two weeks! Great grandma & Great grandpa from PA came to visit me for a week!

I've had an awesome first month in this big crazy world! Mommys sad I'm growing up so fast but I'm eager to see what all fun happens in month two :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mommy hood ❤

I can't even put into words how happy my heart is. I've waited so long for this & being a mommy is more than I could have dreamed it could be. I'm so blessed God choose me to be this little boys mom!

Miles is a great baby. He eats about every 3 hours (sometimes we make it 4 hours). Only cries when mommy doesn't get his bottle ready fast enough :). He isn't find of getting his hair washed, and doesn't like getting dressed/diaper changed. But other than that he is such a content baby.

I'm adjusting well...I've always been one to like my sleep...and I'm far from a morning person. I can't describe how or why but I'm the complete opposite now no can have the whole house cleaned by 9am now....I think mommy good gives you some kind of super hero powers. No lie!

I absolutely can't believe my babe is less that a week away from being one month old...where has time gone? How is it possible this goes by so fast?

Here's a few pictures of my sweet pea!

The Pifer Family
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