Friday, May 9, 2008

Thursday's Dr Appt.

YEA for me...I remembered to update yall :o) Well the appt. didn't go AS I expected it. For the past 6 months of getting follicle scans and trigger shots and whatnot, I have ALWAYS had my trigger shot and big enough follicles my day 12...well not this month. My follicles aren't even close to being the "right" size. They are measuring 12, that means in 3 days they ONLY grew 2mm (They are suposed to grow about 3mm a day). SOO I go back on Monday to see if they grew any, they said I "might" ovulate this we will see!!! They also told me that my right ovary is looking more and more poly-cystic. Which we already knew I had PCOS, but they said it looks to be getting worse. I am already on meds for it, so they are just going to monitor it right now. They also said I had something (cloudy tissue) in my uterus, they arn't 100% sure what it is...but said it looks to be my endometrious forming again...I again will be monitored on this as well b/c they did say there is a chance it is nothing. SOO I should know more Monday! I did have ONE bit of GOOD lining has GROWN...Monday it was a 6 and Thursday it was almost a 9 which anything over an 8 is GREAT!!!! Soooo thats my GOOD news for now.

Everything else will fall into place. We did discuss that my body "needs" a break off all of the meds, so next months break will be good. I honeslty can't say I would have planned on taking this break if my "fertile" time didn't fall while we were staying with my inlaws, but I can honestly say I am glad it fell this way now, b/c I can't wait to not have to take any meds this next cycle. SHE DID SAY that my body most likely WON'T ovulate without them, but it's will be a well needed break cycle. THEN the NEXT cycle if we are still not pregnant we will be moving to IUI. SOO wish us luck with that, hopefully we won't have to do that...but from the looks of it with this cycle being crazy, and then next being off the meds I honestly think we will be doing the IUI.

If you asked me a few months ago I would have told you my biggest fear was moving to an IUI, but now I am so excited to move to the next step. I think I was so scared, b/c who wants to "have" to move on to the "other" options?? But after talking to my Dr about everything, Zach and I talking about everything, and LOTS of prayer...we decided it's a great idea. So we are approaching this new journey with a positive attitude!

Thanks for checking in :o) Love yall!!!!!! I will update again after Monday's appt.

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