Friday, August 29, 2008

Dr appt and our upcoming journey

I went to the Dr. today, my break is OVER and we get to start with this journey again...I might sound crazy to everyone but I am EXCITED. I didn't like sitting back and just NOT trying.

WELL, they will start off my inducing my cycle (it's late, but it's b/c my body doesn't work without meds...they did a blood pregnancy test, JUST to be sure...but we will have to induce my cycle). SO, once my cycle starts we will start with the 100mg Clomid on days 3-7, the estogen and progesterone...then the HCG shot and IUI! I don't have any dates for sure b/c it all depends on when I start.

BUT everything is set into action and were ready! I am so excited and so is my Dr. I just LOVE my Dr. office. It's pretty bad when you walk in and everyone says they missed you (thats a wonderful thing, but it just means you spend WAY too much time at the Dr. office haha). But I enjoy myDr. office, I feel as they truly care. My Dr. doesn't shake my hand, he hugs me...then when he leave he tells me he's praying for me. That is one of the best feelings ever, knowing that my Dr is praying for us. He is a great Dr, and I love that office...the ladies there are wonderful!!! They always ask how I am and know my situation and keep up with me, it's really sweet and appriciated.

Well...keep checking back, because hopefully within the next week we should have dates! It looks like it won't happen next week, but it will happen this next does September feel like a lucky month??? I sure hope so!!!


Melody said...

YEAH! I can't wait to find out what happens!

~The McCrary's~ said...

That's awesome, I'm excited for ya!

Ape and Brett said...

I PRAYING its a lucky month for you!! I can't wait to see what happens!! We love you!

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