Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Inlaws visiting

Well my inlaws are in town, my mother in law, sister in law and neice came in last Monday...and this past Saturday my father in law flew in. They leave this Friday. I can't express enough how much it means to Zach and I that they have spent this time with us, in our home. We miss them like crazy and it's so nice to wake up and see them every day. The bummer is it has ranined pretty much the majority of the time they have been here. Here we were explaining to them the high "100" degree weather we were having and it hasn't even broke 100 since they have been here. But regardless, heat or no heat they have had a blast. We bought an above ground pool last week, nothing fancy--just a 4ft. pool, but boy has it been fun! This past weekend when we went to Austin to pick up my father in law, we stayed the night in San Marcus and went to the outlet malls, then floated the river Sunday. I am going to be so sad to see them leave this coming Friday. I miss having them here and miss seeing them as often as we used too.

I have been extremly blessed to have the inlaws I do. They are just like my own family, they don't treat me any different then there own children/siblings and thats what makes me feel so special. I am not "the in-law" I am there daughter/sister!!!! I love my inlaws like there my own flesh and blood!!! I thank God everyday for blessing me with such an amazing husband and such an amazing family!!!

I will post pictures of everything whenever I get them downloaded!!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it either!

San Marcus shopping is the best!
Cant wait to see these pics!

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