Wednesday, September 17, 2008


For the past 2 Sunday's we have talked about Heros, who is your hero...there are so many heros in the world, actually everyone is a hero to SOMEONE.

WELL, I never thought "I" could be a hero! ME...a hero, yea right!!!! The first Sunday after our church service and we got in the car Zach looked at me and said, "Tiffany your my hero". My response was moreless "haha...yea right!!". He said "no baby, look at everything you are going though...for US, look at all the bloodwork you are getting, but yet your scared of needles, look at all the invasive procedures and ultrasounds...and your doing all this for US". He continued to tell me that I was stronger than anyone he has ever met and I was and will always be his hero. Well, you can bet your last dollar, I was crying my eyes out when he was telling me this...I told him, look at me...I am sitting here in tears, but yet I'm your "superman"? He said yes baby, you are my superman...

AMAZING I tell you...never would I have thought of myself as a hero! And honestly I still don't consider myself a hero, because like my husband thinks "I" am his hero, I believe he is mine. See, Zach was there for me during a REALLY hard time in my life when we first met each other. He didn't have to be but he was, he kept me strong and he taught me what love really was. My whole life I prayed for a man like Zach, and well...God blessed me with him. Zach is my everything, I see myself as a weak person with all the procedures I go through, I see myself as a chicken and a weenie; but Zach "MAKES" me feel strong...he always encourages me throughout all the horrible things, when I get bad news it kills him inside, but he sucks it all in and stays strong for ME..."HE IS MY HERO". He will never let me give up hope or faith, he always keeps my head up and keeps me thinking positive...There is NO way I could go through this without him by my side. Zach grabs my hands and prays with me the same prayer I pray then kisses me goodnight, thats a hero to me!

A hero is someone that reaches high above the stars

Grabs someone's wishes and prays that they'll go far

A hero never gives up on what they believe is true

They'll be all they can be and they'll do all they can do

A hero is someone who thinks highly of others; Protects and provides for one another

A hero stands by you through thick and through thin

May not always go as planed, but together til' the end

They're someone on whom you can always depend

To stay close by through life's troubles and winds

Heros, keep your head up high and stay strong

Because everyday you know a hero is a blessing from above!

Dear God,

Thank you for my Hero!!!!!




Melody said...

That is so sweet! I wish my husband thought of me like that, or maybe he does I wish he would tell me!

Anonymous said...

HI! I just found your blog.

That was the sweetest story ever! Thanks for sharing. I just started the TTC journey, and I am so glad I found your blog. I can't wait to read more!!

~The McCrary's~ said...

WOW! Girl, you got you a good man there! Yall are so amazing together, I swear! I barely know yall but I can tell yall are just the best team. And I think you make a great hero-showing other women to be strong like you who are in your situation & to never lose faith-you show all women that, facing any difficulties!

Anonymous said...

you are truely an inspiration to a lot of have such strength after all you have been thru!!

Jeon-Ellis said...

Hi Pifer family,
Yes, I am so inspired by your spiritual strength, and reflect on myself to realise how much I can learn from you. I know you will have a baby, not just one but many, soon or later. Things happen when you least expect sometimes, so enjoy the life that God has given you in the mean time. I marked your blog so that I may visit you guys every now and then.

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