Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So close, but yet so far away...

Well today didn’t go “As planed”. My lining is good, it’s 7.5 which is only .5 away from where it needs to be and I have one more day of my estrogen pills so it should def. be at an 8…HOWEVER my follicle isn’t growing. I KNEW something was up yesterday when it only grew .5mm, but I was trying to think positive and not think that it was a bad thing and only think that it COULD grow…well today it didn’t grow at all from yesterday (that isn’t good!) Your follicles “should” grow from 1-3mm a day, normally ranging from 2-3mm a day. .5 and none is very rare and normally means you will not ovulate. My ultrasound tech went to ask my Dr. what he wanted to do, however he was in surgery so she had to put everything on his desk and he is going to call me back and tell me if I am to come in again tomorrow or just let go of this month.

I HOPE I get to come in again tomorrow, going back in will give me hope vs. thinking it’s just a dud month. Don’t get me wrong when I say dud month I don’t mean I don’t have a chance at all, anything could happen b/c eggs “can” release when they are 12mm…however it’s a dud month as far as IUI or trigger shot. I don’t really know how to think right now, I am kinda at a stand still emotional wise, I am not quite sad nor happy…I am just waiting for the call. I will write another update whenever I here something.

Please keep me in your prayers that whatever needs to happen will happen, God has a plan and I know it, I have faith! If it doesn’t happen it’s not meant to be, I just really hope it is meant to be!!! I will keep yall updated, thanks everyone for being there for us and praying. It means more than you will ever know!

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Anonymous said...

hang in there girlfriend! everything happens for a reason. only God knows what that reason is! Love ya!

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