Sunday, October 26, 2008

Were BACK from PA!!!!!

We got back into Waco around 6ish yesterday evening. Our trip was AMAZING minus the traveling part, we actually experienced our first "bad flying experience". We started our trip on Friday afternoon when we headed to DFW to stay in the Hyatt inside the airport; which might I add was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at. The rooms were amazing!!!!! We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to catch our 7am connecting-flight to Charlotte, NC. We left the hotel around 5:30ish to insure we were IN the actual airport at least an hour ahead of time, we waited FOREVER for our shuttle and by the time we got inside the airport it was 40 minutes before 7am, you have to be there 45 minutes before to insure your baggage will get to your destination...we were 5 minutes late and were told we had to reschedule our flight; lets just say my husband was NOT a happy camper, he was very upset...luckly the lady got us on the next flight which only put us about an hour behind schedule, however we had to fly into a little bitty airport in Washington vs. flying into Charlotte. So we get to DC and get ready to get on our next plane to PA; once we got there they had to shuttle us by bus to our little plane (and I mean LITTLE), Zach and I were sitting in seats 1a and 1c so I told him when we got on the bus we should sit in the front so when we get off we can hurry and get on the plane and sit down before anyone else does....we started up the steps on the plane and we noticed that on one of our seats it said "flight attendant only" the flight attendant "RUDELY" said you will have to go wait back in the bus until everyone gets seated then I will seat you, NOW everyone has to back off of these steps so we can get down and go stand by the bus....there was ONLY 12 ppl. that were on this flight besides us....when the last person headed up the steps Zach and I headed back up....the lady AGAIN rudely commented that she "told" us to wait on the bus there might be more people that need to board the plane...Zach and I just looked at her like she was nuts...we were the last out there, people had to be transported by bus to the airplane and the bus was still there....where in the world does she think "extra" people might come from???? SOOO, Zach and I went BACK down the steps and just waited....the lady called the bus driver over there and then called us back and told us we could board the plane now....when we got on there were 18 empty seats JUST in FRONT of us, thats not counting all the empty ones BEHIND us...I was very upset that she couldn't just sit us out of the way until she decided where she wanted to put us....ONCE we got to PA Zach's luggage didn't make it, you know the rule about having to be there 45 minutes before other wise your luggage won't make it...well Zach's luggage DID make it to our orginal destination, there was NO reason we had to reschedule our flight in the first place; luckily they delived his suitcase to us at 2am the next morning....I was not satisfied at all with US Airways, and I will never use them again....the planes were spacious but that doesn't even matter compared to all the trouble we went through on the way there and on the way back.

OK, on to the trip....which greatly made up for our crazy flights......

Saturday when we got there his dad and brother picked us up, they took us to Macy's where they were having a huge sale and we got new luggage (OH how I love it might I add!!!!) we gave our older luggage to his sister. Then we headed home and made a fire and sat by fireplace and caught up on everyone and was nice family time :o)

Sunday we woke up, got all geared up in our Steelers clothes and headed to Pittsburgh to watch the game and eat dinner with his sister and her boyfriend. During halftime, all the girls went shopping.

Monday we woke up and went to his grandpa's land/camp and we rode 4-wheelers all day. I haven't ever rode one so I was a little scared at first, but once you got going it was hard to get off of it, it was so much fun! His mom took me up this big mountain to overlook beautiful trees and the camp, her 4-wheeler died and we had to take one back down so Zach and his dad could go up and get it fixed....once it was fixed Zach took me up there and showed me all the scenery that I missed the first time, oh my was it breath taking....Zach was going around this hilly turn and I followed him and the next thing I knew I was on the ground, BOY am I glad my 4-wheeler didnt fall on me, if it would have I could have gotten hurt pretty bad, but luckly it stayed tilted up....I was laughing the whole time, it happend too fast for me to be scared, Zach on the other hand looked back and saw me on the ground and came running over to me fast, he thought I was really hurt. I so wish I would have gotten a picture of me on the ground, I laughed so hard. Zach didn't think it was so funny, but at the time he was scared. After riding 4-wheelers all day we went back to his grandparents house and ate supper with them, went walking down the railroads :o) then we went spot-lighting for deer through the mountains, we saw about 50ish, WOW!!!! They were so close to us too....after that we went and watched old movies with his grandpa then hit the sack, I never knew how riding a little 4-wheeler could wear you out so much.

Tuesday we woke up went to his other grandpa's house, went to breakfast with him and spent the day with him. We helped him clean up his house a little, he is getting so old and it's hard for him to do much so we helped him out alot, he was so glad he got to spend the day with us. We could tell he was getting tired so we headed out and went back to the camp to ride 4-wheelers again, it was freezing cold this day so we had to buddle up with gloves and extra coats...once we got done with that we headed to his grandparents to eat dinner then back to his parents house so we could go out with his brother...we went to this litle hole in the wall called the UI; we all had a great time, and hardly stopped laughing.

Wednesday we woke up bright and early and got ready to head to Salamanca, NY to go to a casino with his parents, grandma, and his dads aunt. On our way there it started to snow, and WOW was it BEAUTIFUL...everything was covered in snow...his dad pulled over so Zach and I could take some pics and make a snow ball, the snow was so fluffy and soft. We loved it, I sure wish it snowed like that here!!! We stopped by the Zippo factory on the way there as well to get Zach a new pocket knife...finally we made it to his Aunt Vi's for lunch, she made meatloaf which was amazing and yummy home made mac and cheese...after that we headed to the casino...Zach and I made a plane that we wouldn't gamble any of the money we won, just 50.00 a piece that his dad gave us; the first slot machine that Zach used he won 50.00 bucks....the 2nd one he won 50.00 we were already up 100.00, Zach cashed that in and stuck that 100.00 in his pocket and only spent the remainder of his 50, he won a little more but nothing over 20.00, I on the other hand didn't win a thing...I never even got ahead to stop....every machine I played on didn't like me, hahaha.....oh well, we had a blast. OH and I got in trouble, I didn't know you couldn't take pics in a casino...needless to say we found that out REALLY fast haha (look below at the pics, there is only one of Zach and it has a goofy looking smile on his face b/c we were getting yelled at right when I was taking it, haha!!)

Thursday was a SHOPPING day, we went to Butler with his parents and his sister meet us there and we shopped till we was so much fun; I got really car sick on the way home though and had to take a nap when we got home. That night we made a fire outside all hung out with each other while sitting around the toasty fire!!!

Friday we went to Brockway to say goodbye to his grandparents and ride the 4-wheeler more and also we shot the gun some fun!!!! I did even better than last time, Zach's grandpa was really impressed, he didn't think i would do so good...I sure proved him wrong. After that we went home ate dinner and headed to the Clarion football game, which it was freezing and raining so we left early and headed home to spend some family time before we left the next morning.

We had a blast, but we are so glad to be home...."There isn't any place like home"!!! I was very sad that we didn't get to see our other niece and nephew; Delaney and Kolton :o( They were with there father and he wouldn't let them see us, which wasn't very nice, now when I see them again there going to be all grown up. Other than that, everything was so much fun and it was so nice to see family and have a wonderful week with them!!!



Anonymous said...

we had a horrible honeymoon fiasco with our flights and this last time we went to vegas was outrageous too. im so done with flying for a WHILE!!
but im glad ur trip went well. cant wait to see the pics!

Ape and Brett said...

glad yall had a blast.. plane issue stinks though!! Audree said she needs to see her aunt tiffy and uncle zach!

Ape and Brett said...

glad yall had a blast.. plane issue stinks though!! Audree said she needs to see her aunt tiffy and uncle zach!

Ape and Brett said...

glad yall had a blast.. plane issue stinks though!! Audree said she needs to see her aunt tiffy and uncle zach!

~The McCrary's~ said...

Aww so exciting! I'm glad yall had fun! Can't wait to see pics & I'm glad you're back! Missed ya! =)

~The McCrary's~ said...

OK just looked at your pics-I WANNA LIVE IN PA!! I LOOOOVE the snow & tree pics too. Also-that kissy one of you in the car is so funny! Great pics!

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