Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
We woke up and spent the morning together, well I should re-word that, Zach spent the morning taking care of me. Wednesday afternoon I started to feel "blah", stuffy/running nose, headache...early Thursday morning it hit me hard....I felt horrible--I was coming down with a really bad head cold!!!! Then around 1ish I started having these horrible pains in my stomach...pains that are not normal, I wasn't dubbled over in pain, but I was hurting pretty bad...we went to my grandfarthers house in Valley Mills around 4ish, I just couldn't get up the energy to "have fun"...with my pains in my stomach and my head cold, I was miserable! I told Zach I thought I needed to go to the ER...after we ate dinner we sat around for about another hour then I decided I would just go home and see how it progressed before we decided if I needed to go to the ER or not. Around 9 it was still there, I got up put my clothes on and said ok lets go....WELL, before Zach could get dressed I changed my mind AGAIN, I said I would just go to sleep, I really didn't want to go to the ER if it was just bad gas pains or something like that, I would be so embarrassed and feel like I was making it more than it I went to bed around 9ish. I wasn't even up for waking up early and going shopping thats how bad I felt.
We woke up around 7ish and my stomach pains were better, still there but def. not as strong; and my head cold was getting better too. We got dressed and headed to the mall to do a little shopping. We did good, we finished up on almost all our family's gifts...I came home, made myself clean and get the house ready for tomorrow, now were just sitting around relaxing!
Tomorrow around noon, my mom-her boyfriend, my grandmother and papa, and my Perk will come over and we will do Thanksgiving with them, then afterwards we will all put up our inside Christmas decorations! So tomorrow I will hopefully feel alot better and actually enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner :o)

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