Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a BEAUTIFUL day!

Picnic in the Park

Today we went out to Cameron Park with my mom and our pups to have a picnic and take a few pics in hope some would turn out good enough for our Christmas cards this year.
Our picnic was amazing and it was such a beautiful day to just be outside and walk the dogs around, they loved every bit of it...besides Ginger, she didn't care too much for it, she sat in this little basket on my moms walker the majority of the time...she isn't really big on walking in grass (such a spoiled little girlie girl dog) ;o)
When it came time for the pictures it was "not" as easy as last year...last year Peanut and Ginger were so good and looked at the camera in almost every shot...I don't know if it's because we added a dog to the picture this year or what, but none of them wanted to look at the camera, they were all to distracted by other things. We did get alot of good pics of us though, even if there not all looking...we haven't decided which one we want to use for our Christmas cards though....were still up in the air, I guess yall won't find out until they are sent ;o) it will be a suprise...hee hee!!!
Well I hope you all took advantage of this beautiful day and got outside and enjoyed it, we sure did!!!!

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Sandra said...

love your blog page how do you get your name on top and where do you find your backgrounds at

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