Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st appt for our 5th try on IUI

I went in for my 1st IUI appt (this is our 5th attempt to try our 1st IUI). When I got in there and she started the u/s I saw this HUGE mass of “something”…I thought it was a follicle and I was about to jump for joy, however I was wrong…it’s a cyst; and it’s about the size of a tennis ball. My u/s tech immediately said she need to get my Dr. to find out what he wanted to do, so off I go to another room and wait for him. He comes in and tells me it has blood in it, and it’s either a) a small cyst that I bleed into and it stretched out or b) a follicle that I bleed into and it stretched out. He said as of right now they are not thinking surgery b/c they want to watch it for a little while, but if it gets worse or bigger that will be the option. They are thinking it will shrink b/c it is leaking right now so my Dr. really thinks it’s on the verge to maybe busting…of course I asked if that would hurt and they said yes, pretty bad but think of it as a way of it “healing itself”. He said I still have a shot at this IUI, it’s too early to count myself out of it just yet, which made me happy! He said this cycle just has to be a “little more perfect” that it already had to be…((SO that means EVEN EXTRA prayers)) :o) As of right now I am in some pretty bad pain b/c of them poking around on it…knowing I had a cyst and the size of it really made sense to me, b/c if ya’ll remember I was in horrible pain on Thanksgiving day and a little after Thanksgiving but I was afraid to go to the ER, well my Dr. told me NEXT TIME GO! Haha!!

I have faith that we will still be able to get the IUI and things will be ok…for some reason I just feel like this cycle will fall into place like it should, but we shall see…God may have other plans in mind :o)

Thanks for all the calls, texts and emails I have received today checking on me and some checking on Zach, you all have no idea how much it means to us. I never in a million years would have thought that I would have such amazing people on my side through this all!!


Melody said...

Thanks for the update! Don't get discouraged! Babies are a blessing and when God sees a family that is able to care for one of his babies, he is SURE to bless you!

PS you will have a package from me on MOnday but it says it's from "Union 8th" I shipped it from work (or with my work address) b/c I thought it would be cheaper... no such luck, lol. ANyway, hope you like it. Love you!

Ashley said...

GOod luck girly! YOU are in my prayers!!

Ashley said...

GOod luck girly! YOU are in my prayers!!

Shelly said...

oh man that is terrible. i hope it doesnt hurt too bad. u poor thing. ur time is coming!!

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