Friday, December 12, 2008

ANOTHER Blog Award!!!

My friend Ashlee "awarded" my blog! There is something special about this award though, that I haven't had a chance to tell her about. When my grandfather passed away I was sitting as his grave side and was pretty much begging God for some sign that my grandfather was still near and could hear me...I was thinking of anything and everything that I could "ask for" so that I knew he was still with me...BUTTERFLIES...YES Butterflies...I said God PLEASE let a butterfly fly by me...that would let me know if my Pepa and God could hear me...I was in tears and as I patiently waited there wasn't a butterfly in sight...I wiped my eyes and got back up to go to the car, would you believe it if I told you once I got in the car that a butterfly circled my car, (I'm serious!!!) I set there and just bawled my eyes out, that little butterfly followed my car the whole way out of the cemetary, BUT once I drove out of the actual cemetary it stayed there...I know that was my Pepa tell me he was there with me still and that was God answering my prayers. SO you see this little blog "award" is MORE than an award to means that during this time in our "journey" God and my grandfather have found a way to let me know everything is OK, I will be OK and I am NOT alone!
Thank you Ashlee!!!!!!!
It's really hard to just pick 5, as I think each one of ya'lls blogs are WONDERFUL...but here are my 5:


Sara said...

You are SO sweet! My blog has never won anything! YAY!!! Thank you!!

Deadly Glitter said...

tiffany, i don't know if you can answer me, but what did your cyst pain feel like? i am having really bad pain on one side today. it hurts more when i turn to the side. was wondering if it could be what you have. thanks. erin.

Shelly said...

thats sweet! aw!
well i didnt put ur name bc i knew ashlee already did. haha but u know i love u!

The Pifer's said...

Hey Erin,
I tried to go to your blog and write you back, but doesn't show you have anything to comment on, so I hope you check back here :o) My cyst actually felt alot like gas pains, I felt really bloated and just a constant ache on my left side. I didn't get the sharp sharp pains that some people have, mine just wouldn't go away and was very uncomfortable...I hope that helps. I would say anything that you don't think is normal, go get checked to just see :o) Thanks again for all your comments and support and prayers!!!! I really appriciate them!

Deadly Glitter said...

thanks tiffany! the sharp pains are getting better. i just hope it was more than one eggie dropping. i am glad i will be in the tww with you. you are like my hero. you sound like such a strong and down to earth person. you have really helped me alot. i don't have a blog, that was an old blog my sister tried to start and i wanted to comment on your site so i decided to use it. thanks for getting back to me!

The Pifer's said...

Thanks girl!!! I am so blessed to have you and everyone else with me through this journey! Keep your head up, I hope you had lots of eggies release :o) Have faith and think postive, let God do the rest! Keep me updated! (HUGS)

rodfab said...

Tiffany, as I type this tears are flowing. You are definately an angel and so strong. Love ya bunches

Mimi said...

Hi Tiffany,

That is exactly what happened when my grandpa passed away. I am sent a monarch butterfly when I am down and need my grandpa. Isn't it wonderful knowing they are still here with us? Cngrats on the award!!


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