Tuesday, December 9, 2008


YES you heard me right…I will get my very 1st IUI TOMORROW! I can hardly think right or see straight!

I went in today for my “cyst check up/follicle scan” appt. I get in there and she looking at my cyst, it has gone down to about the size of a golf ball now which is wonderful so surgery is completely out of the question which makes me SO excited…well then as she was scanning all my little follicles trying to see if I had one big enough “I” noticed this mass above my cyst…I asked her what that was…she said “Tiffany, I totally didn’t see that…but that’s a MATURE FOLLICLE”. I am NO expert, but I guess looking at these ultrasounds for about 1 ½ years has FINALLY paid off, hahaha…the mature follicle was so close to my cyst it appeared to be apart of my cyst, however it was a follicle measuring 22mm!!!! AMAZING! My lining was 7.8 which with my meds tonight it will be well over 8mm tomorrow.

SO, she goes out and tells the crew who I can hear inside my little room just a hollering…it’s so nice to know there all rooting for me through all this. My nurse comes in, gives me my trigger shot and gives me all the “Directions”. I have to take Ceotec (sp??) tonight to soften my cervix so that the catheter will make it’s way all the way up to where it needs to be. Zach has to be there at 8am to drop off the “little guys” and I have to be there at 9…I am taking the day off just as I don’t want any stress, I want to be so relaxed and calm through everything.

We are so excited, yes this doesn’t mean I will “get” pregnant by this…sometimes it takes 3-4 IUI’s before one actually conceives, however this was our 5th attempt for an IUI…it took 5 cycles to finally be able to get this done…I just feel like everything is finally falling into place! I know God is with us, I asked him today while waiting in the room before my ultrasound to wrap his arms around me and to please let my cyst shrink and me to be able to have the IUI, but most importantly give me strength through all this…he was there with me, it’s because of him that everything worked out this cycle for the IUI…God is amazing; you just have to have faith in him!
SO please keep us in your prayers during tomorrow, please pray that everything works out the way it should!

**P.S. thank you again to all my friends who have called or text/emailed me this morning, you truly know who your true friends are when a situation like this occurs, and I can’t begin to tell you how much Zach and I truly appreciate you all**


The Jarvis Family said...

awe yay! How exciting I am so excited for ya'll and I hope that all goes well!! Keep me updated :)

Mimi said...

I am so excited for you!!!! Here's to only one IUI!!!! good luck hon.


Ape and Brett said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!Im so excited yall get to the IUI. You tell Zach to keep his little men rested until tomorrow morning. You go home and prop those legs up and just rest rest rest!! You are in my prayers... EXTRA tonight :o) We love you

Deadly Glitter said...

i am praying and crossing my fingers for you. god be with you.

Shelly said...

oh yessss!! so one question- if u hadnt of seen it, would they have? this has got to be it!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!!! That's funny...my follicle was 22 when I had my IUI done 10 days ago:) GOOD LUCK!!! I'm praying for you:)

Melody said...

Dear God,
Please give Zach and Tiff, the peace they need to get through this day and their 2ww. I know it won't be easy waiting on something so special. Please, let this be their shining moment! I pray that they will be able to conceive with this IUI and that they will be able to tell their families at Christmasthat they are going to be a Mommy and Daddy. In Jesus Name Amen

Melody said...

I've had your blog up ALL day. Please update when you get home. Hugs and kisses!

sue said...


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