Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Weekend

I don't think that Zach and I stopped for one minute this weekend...ok ok so we did rest "some" but we were pretty busy most of the weekend...

Friday: Zach and ate dinner with The Buechel's at Poppa Rollo's, they had this really neat magician that goes from table to table; he was really neat...however we sat on the top balcony to eat and when he was down below at some tables, We peaked over and we found out a couple of his "tricks"...haha...BUT he was very good and not noticeable at all...after dinner we went back to there house and we watched Saw 5, it was a good movie, but not quite like all the other Saw's.

Saturday: We woke up early, did a few things around the house, ran to Circut City to check out all the deals (I FOUND ME A NEW CAMERA...secretly hoping that’s what Zach gets me for my birthday..HAHA)--then we headed to Academy to get a few things...then off to the new mall to run to the Vitamin Shoppe, then to Ashley Furniture (we found a new dinning room table that we want, but Zach wants to check out some store in Dallas first...) then we ran to the old Mall to get a few things, then to Red Lobster where we meet our friends Billy and Nikki, then we went to see Mall Cop (funny movie--but "stupid-corny" funny)...then we went to there house for a little bit then home...

Sunday: we woke up early, went to church...went to Cheddars with my grandparents for lunch. Went to Lowes (got a new area rug and looked at a front glass/screen door...we almost got it today, but it would have to be special ordered and we wanted to see if Home Depot had one in stock before we did that)...then we went to HEB to get a few things, then home. Zach did a few things around the house while I cleaned a little bit!

It's now 8:00 and this is really the first time I have gotten to just sit down and relax, but it's ok...this weekend was a blast and even though we were busy we had alot of fun!

This week will be busy as well + next work week will be full of exciting things and many co-workers birthday celebrations...I think we are going to a basketball game with James and Ashley one day this week...Friday we are going out with friends for a Mexican food/birthday bash (3 of us have birthdays about a couple days apart)...Saturday we are going over to my dads to celebrate my b-day, then to see the magician (that I talked about above) Sunday is our super bowl/birthday party...then MONDAY I TURN 2-5 ((AHHHH!!!!)

OHHH and I am super excited David Copperfield will be at the HOT Coliseum Feb. 24th and Zach is taking me--I am getting our tickets tomorrow, I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!


Ashley said...

This is a very exciting week/weekend! The game is Tues. night and I will know more about the tickets in the morning. I will let you know.

Ape and Brett said...

I WANT TO GO TO DAVID COPPERFIELD!!! Call your other husband for me haha I can't wait for the MAGICIAN, unless he has signs up with our faces on it haha and wont let us in. YEAH FOR SUPERBOWL PARTY

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