Thursday, January 1, 2009

OUR New Year

Zach and I didn't do anything this year...we didn't go out but this by far has been the BEST New Years I have ever had. Zach didn't get home until a little after 7, and once he found out we were having an IUI this week he told me he just wanted to stay home and relax and not risk thats what we did.

I made a few orderves for us to munch on (we were going to make our "lucky" eyed peas, cabbage, ham....all the lucky stuff your suposed to eat on a New Year to make it lucky....we don't like any of this but ham, we normally just make ourselves eat a couple spoon fulls of black eyed peas and thats it....but this year we are eating it ALL...but like I was saying we were going to make this stuff last night, but we remembered it's the 1st day of the New Year that you eat this stuff so we are making all that tonight) It may be the the nastiest 1st meal of our year, but I be darn it WILL be the luckiest!!! :o)

OK, so after we ate our orderves, Zach popped open some wine and we enjoyed our night of doing nothing, we watched a couple movies...played with our doggies and when that time came to ring in 09' we held each other. When the ball dropped and the clock hit 12:00am Zach gave me a kiss, looked in my eyes and said "THIS WILL be OUR YEAR"...I teared up b/c at that moment I really felt like he was right...I had this feeling that this WILL be OUR year!!!! He heard that at midnight you are supposed to open up your doors (to let the old air out so the new air could come in....and if you can't tell from above what our meal will be tonight we are not missing out on anything that will help our luck this us stupid or superstitious, we normally arn't but this year is different, we want all the extra luck we can possibly get :o)

So after we let our "old air out"...and had a good laugh at our silly behavior, Zach went and got the champange so we could toast in our New Year...."To OUR year, to lots of Blessings and to each other always" after our toast he took me by the hand and we danced...there wasn't any music but we danced...this by far was the best New Years yet, I couldn't have asked for it to be any more perfect or any more special!

HAPPY 2009


Ashley said...

Aww..ya'll are too cute!! I totally believe that this will be ya'lls year! I am sooo excited and I am glad ya'll had a great New Year :) We need to get together soon!

Mimi said...

I don't know if I should be jealous or happy for you!!! LOL Now that, my dear, is a Happy New Year. You had me in tears with what your hubby said. That is the sweetest thing ever!!! I was watching videos about babies last night and of course I started to cry. My hubby looked at me and said "We WILL have our baby. It IS going to happen and very SOON"! He knew exactly why I was crying. It was really sweet. We have some pretty special hubby's. I guess we should keep them for a while longer!!! LOL


Shelly said...

aw that sounds like right out of a movie. so sweet! this has got to be the year!

Penny1215 said...

That sounds really sweet. I spent my New Year's Eve playing Super Mario Galaxy and watching movies with my husband. It wasn't quite as romantic, but we had fun nonetheless.

The Swann's said...

How romantic!!!! I'd say he's certainly a keeper... And like Shelly said, striaght out of a movie! This year WILL be yall's year!!!! :-)

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