Thursday, January 8, 2009

Poor Peanut

Our “first born” Peanut had a horrible allergic reaction last night. We aren’t quite sure what she got into, or licked, or eat but whatever it was it really messed her up. We were eating dinner and Zach looked down and said “PEANUT…whats wrong with your face??!!!!???” From my view she looked fine, so I didn’t know what he was talking about, he grabbed her and turned her around and her lips were HUGE! She looked like she had snuff in her lip. It was so hard at the beginning not to laugh b/c she was fine, it didn’t bother her at all, it’s just like her lips were huge…so being the bad parents we were we took a couple pics (I will post them later!) I know I know so mean..but she didn’t even look like our puppy with those poofy cheeks. Well we sat her beside us to make sure her swelling wasn’t getting worse, however all the sudden she started getting hives all over her, big mosquito bite looking bumps. (She had an allergic reactions a LONG time ago and our vet told us to give her ½ a Benadryl) Well we didn’t have any at the house, Zach ran to the store to get some while I washed her paws and face and lips (pretty much all of her) off with hot/soapy water. Just in case whatever she was allergic to was still on her skin…in the short period of time that Zach was gone she started getting these hives on her lips, nose, ears and even her pee pee…it was so sad…she was miserable. Zach got home and we gave her ½ of a Benadryl…we thought it would instantly knock her out, but now she was so uncomfortable and so swollen and itchy that she couldn’t get comfortable to sleep. I googled a lot online and I saw where can put a cold wash cloth on the swelling to help, so Zach and I covered her in cold wash cloths…around midnight she finally went to sleep…I couldn’t sleep b/c I was so scared her throat was going to swell shut before the meds kicked in, I checked her around 1:45ish and her cheeks and lips looks a lot better, and her hives had gone down drastically. This morning she was all better, she was red from itching and had a few red marks from her hives, but other than that she was back to her “normal” self.

I was so scared to leave her this morning and I can’t wait until 4 so I can jet home and check on her!!!! My poor baby has allergies :o(

{As for me, nothing new…I go get my progesterone level checked tomorrow but won’t know anything until Monday…just keep your fingers and toes crossed that God has great things in store for us this cycle!}


~the mccrarys~ said...

sorry your baby got sick =( hope she's better soon!

Melody said...

It's about time you post something! I'm sitting her bored out of my mind! I'm sorry it was something sad though. I'm glad your baby is better! Hey, I also sent you a coupele e-mails. My computer has been acting strange even though it's new so you might have to check your spam again!

Ape and Brett said...

my poor poor neice!!! Ill need to see her this weekend so I can love on her and play with her and her million toys!!! BTW yes you are slacking on your post woman!!! UM AND CAN WE TELL THE DR TO STAT THIS TEST???

Shelly said...

aw poor peanut! isnt it terrible bc they cant talk! haha im glad shes better tho. scary!
ps-bout time u updated :)

Mimi said...

Oh no!!!! Poor baby. I honestly can say that I have never seen a dog with big lips!!! LOL I will when you post those pictures. LOL

I am praying this is your month honey. I hope God will bless you soon!!!! Love ya!


Melody said...

Since I don't know if you're getting my e-mails. What CD are you on now? I know, weird question, I'm just trying to "keep up." :)

Ashley said... scary!! I am soo glad that she is doing much better :) Keeping you guys in my prayers..especially for this weekend!! Love ya'll!

Angelwingsbaby said...

Hope your peanut is better soon, just found your blog through another,God bless!

Megan said...

Scary! Glad she's ok now!

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