Thursday, January 22, 2009

Questions From my Wonderful Blogger Friends

I get asked a ton of questions…I thought I would answer some of them on here (if there is a question I haven’t answered and you want answered just ask)

“How have you not given up yet?”
I found this quote and I think it describes a lot of how I feel:
“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting......Before a dream is realized, the Soul of the World tests everything that was learned along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so that we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we have learned as we have moved toward that dream. That's the point at which most people give up.... [At this point] Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity.”
SO, I don’t give up because that’s not who I am…I have dreams, I have goals and I will reach them and receive them one day. No one ever said life was easy, have faith and enjoy the ride…God has a plan!

“How are you so strong?”
Me strong??? I never in a million years thought others would think “I” was strong. If you have knew me long ago, I was the weak one…I was never emotionally or physically strong…it took a situation like this to make me WANT to be strong…infertility has MOLDED me into the person I am today…I will never know exactly why God put me in this situation, however I do know giving me strength and courage has to be one of his reasons, I am a better person today because of infertility.

“Have you always had this much Faith?”
God has tested me before, growing up I had to take care of my mom and do a lot of stuff a normal child shouldn’t or wouldn’t do…doing these things made me aware early on in life that God had a plan and to stay strong throughout those moments…I never knew later on in life God would re-test my Faith in him, but he has and I am staying strong today because of my Faith in the Lord…see it isn’t just strength nor just Faith, it’s BOTH!!!!

“Will you adopt…what about IVF…or fertility clinics?”
I said it from the beginning and I will say it till the day I die “IT DOES NOT TAKE A PREGNANCY TO BE A MOTHER” Anyone can birth a child, but it takes someone really special to be a mother…SO yes we have talked about adoption. Zach and I WILL be parents, there is no question about that…the question is will God bless us with our own or will we adopt our child…as of now adoption isn’t in the picture, just because we haven’t given up on the thought of having our own…As for fertility clinics and IVF…that’s A LOT of money…A LOT, insurance doesn’t cover ANY of that. Where I am at now insurance at least covers some, so for the time being we are just going to continue to do this, it’s easier on me (less invasive) it’s cheaper not only procedure wise, but gas money (the closest fertility clinic is 2+ hours away)…so over all this is where we will be for a while..

“What’s the most hurtful thing someone’s ever said to you?”
Definitely “Maybe God doesn’t intend for you to have a child” WHO are you to tell me what God intends for me and WHO in there right mind would tell someone that knowing there heart is already aching for a child of there own?? Sometimes I don’t think people know what to say to people who suffer from infertility…however, please take it from me…don’t tell them this…nor relax…nor there still young…if you honestly and truly care, just listen to them and be that shoulder for them to cry on when they need it…if you don’t understand a lot about infertility Google it…try to learn more about what your friend is really going through…but please please please don’t ever tell them “God doesn’t intend for them to have a child”

“What is the oddest thing you have done trying to have a baby?”
Ya’ll better be glad I love ya’ll because these things are embarrassing…haha!
Lets see…Zach was told to keep his “boys” cold before intercourse…so for a while he would put a bag of peas on this “boys” to cool them down before intercourse…then not to mention the legs up in the air after practically standing on your head making sure his “little guys” get to where they need to be…or laying flat on your stomach and not move (I’ve tried it all seriously, name it…we’ve tried it!!!) Zach would and still does drink OJ every morning and throughout the day (Vit. C is good for high sperm count)…((needless to say this baby is very well wanted and it’s future parents (us) will go through anything and try anything to get it here!!!))

“Any good books or sites you go to?”
I loved the John and Kate “Multiple Blessings” that was such an inspiring book, as well as “Empty Lap” as far as site, Two week wait is my site for sure…I’ve meet so many great and wonderful people over there whom I’ve grown so close to…all of our situations are different but at the same time are heartache for that child is the same…it’s nice to talk to those who truly understand your heartache.
"Have you ever been pregnant?"
Not to my knowledge, I know m/c can happen early on somtimes, but to my knowledge I haven't ever been...
"Does your husband have any problems with his sperm count?"
Nope, he is all good...which really helps b/c if he had problems too BOY would our journey be even crazier..
"Do they know what caused this?"
It all started with dysplaysia (pre-cancerous cells on my cervix) Then it just kinda stemed off from there...they can't say for sure what exactly caused it, it could be many of Dr. did say he would contribute the majority of it to birth control, BUT he can't prove thats what it is...ask anyone of my friends, I am ANTI birth control, so don't tell me if your on it if you don't want me to preach to ya ;o)!

Well that’s all for now…if you have any more questions just let me know!!!


Summer said...

Thank you for being so positive. I just read some pretty upsetting blogs about infertility... it broke my heart to see that so many don't have a relationship with the Lord to give them peace through thier journey. I just wanted to say "Have faith, God has a plan!"

Keep it up... I need to hear it =)

Megan said...

Thanks for opening yourself up. It's good to know where you are in this journey. =)

Ashley said...

I love this blog!! You are AMAZING and WILL be a wonderful mommy someday :) It makes me soo mad to hear that someone told you that maybe you weren't meant to be a mother!! WHAT??!?!? That is crap!! I couldn't imagine why not, you and Zach are 2 great and loving people and ya'll are totally meant to be parents!! I love you guys and I am soo glad that I can be here for you thru this journey :) Love ya~ Ash

~the mccrarys~ said...

i'm gonna have to check out the jon & kate book because i've heard lots of good things about it!

Ashley said...

I LOVED the comment about not giving up!! That is the PERFECT explanation...I feel the same way;)

Ashley said...

I LOVED the comment about not giving up!! That is the PERFECT explanation...I feel the same way;)

Ape and Brett said...

okay so i can imagine zach sitting with peas down there!! hahaha You are such a great woman and friend!! I love you girl!!

Melody said...

You are so amazing... HEY I can blog from the computer lab!

Deadly Glitter said...

what a great blog. i love multiple blessings too. i wish i could get my husband to consider adoption. it is harder for guys sometimes. people who don't understand the pain of infertility do a lot of damage (not on purpose). it is hard to go to a shower and be the only childless one. it is hard to hear of the suprise pregnancies and how it was an oops. wish i could have an oops. you are right, listening is the best way. i have a friend who said something so off the wall. i said we were taking a break. she said "so that means you are going on birth control." are you kidding? why would i need or want to prevent pregnancy? there is just a lot of people very miss-informed. i love your blogs. erin

Melody said...

Bluebell sugar free chocolate bars, low carb, OMG good! ;)

Dave and Elaine said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Your postive attitude and belief that God has a perfect plan for you inspires me!! I don't know how this road will end for us BUT I do know that God has plans for me that are far better and far bigger than anything I could plan for myself!

Dave and Elaine said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Your postive attitude and belief that God has a perfect plan for you inspires me!! I don't know how this road will end for us BUT I do know that God has plans for me that are far better and far bigger than anything I could plan for myself!

Mandi said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I will be praying for you too! I have to admit though, I am rooting for the Cardinals, as they have a former NE Husker playing for them.

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