Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Things About Me

25 Random Things About Me:

1.I love my husband more than anything in the world, and believe he was sent from God especially for me. He is my rock, my strength and my everything. Without him I wouldn't be who I am today!

2. I sleep with a stuffed tiger every night-Zach got me this tiger when we first got together and I can't seem to just "throw him on the floor"

3. I am extremely scared of spiders, even the little ones...I don't like any bugs really, but ESP. spiders!!!!

4. I want to be a mother so bad, I want to be able to feel a child kick inside me, I want to be able to look my husband in the eyes and tell him were having a baby, I want to be able to tell everyone who has been there for us these past 3 years that our dreams have finally come true!

5. Infertility has made me who I am today, I truly believe God put this in our lives for a reason...this has made me stronger, Zach stronger and our relationship with each other AND God stronger!!!

6. I am obsessed with decorating...if I could buy everything in Kirklands I would!

7. I have so many shoes I can't even count and yet I want more...I love shoes, I love having the "perfect" pair for each outfit...

8. I am one of the most emotional people you will ever meet, I cry over anything...when I'm happy...when I'm sad...when I'm mad....it doesn't matter I will cry!

9. Being at home in Zach's arms is my favorite place in the entire world, I feel safe and it by far is the best place on earth!!!

10. I love to cook but rarely get too b/c my husband loves to cook as well...I have to admit though he is a pretty darn good cook, so most of the time we are both the ones in the kitchen...but we work good as a team :o)

11. My "Perk" is my hero, she is the one who taught me about God, she has been so much like a mother to and I can talk to her about anything. I admire her strength and her faith and I pray to God that one day I can be at least 1/2 of who she is!

12. I already have baby stuff, I KNOW I KNOW...it's bad luck...but Lord knows when I will eventually get pregnant and the stores might not have that item anymore...the majority of what I have is "decoration" stuff...(for example, when we went to Fredricksburg, we went into a little store that had a prayer that I used to and STILL say every night "Now I lay me down to sleep...." the picture frame has this stitched in there and I just had to buy it for nursery that we WILL have one day!

13. I want to go to school to be a nurse and work with infertility patients like myself, I feel like this was placed in my life for a reason and I would love to be able to help others like myself.

14. I get my feelings hurt over everything, I care so much about my friends and my family so one little remark or anything hurts me extremely bad...I care about people TOO much at times.

15.I love the fact that I have a God daughter, I never thought that I would be able to be a Godmother, and I am extremely proud of it!!!

16. I used to fear the Dr. but yet now it doesn't bother me...shots are not a big deal...blood work? No big deal....it will be all worth it one day when I have my child in my arms!

17. Although people call me "strong" I don't see nor think I am...I have always been a "weak" person, so it's VERY hard for me to think I'm strong. I do know I am strong"er" than I used to be though...

18. I truly feel and (will argue with anyone who tells me different) that God is guiding us through this journey...I feel like EVERYTHING that happens is his plan and that as long as I stay true to him and have faith in him he will bless us.

19. I can never make up my mind with my hair and almost every picture of me it looks different, when it's long I want it short and when it's short I want it long...right now I'm trying to grow it out however I can almost guarantee you that once it gets semi' long I will get tired of it and cut it!

20.I'm obsessed with pregnant belly's, I want to touch everyone I see thats pregnant, the website I am on has a "photo book" section and it's specificly for women who post there "bellys" I look ALL THE TIME--and sometimes I look in the mirror and imagine if I had a belly what I would look like.

21. I LOVE my birthday, every year my mom would send me balloons/flowers to work/school and it's my favorite!!! HOWEVER this birthday is the 1st time I have been "scared" of...normally it's no big deal, but this time I feel like I am getting "old"...

22. I hate leaving the house without makeup on, I feel naked without it and although I know I don't "need" it, I still "have" to put some on...

23. I'm adicted to cheesy reality TV shows...you know "Bromance" "The Hills" "The City" "Big Brother"....

24. I think I have the smallest dog in history, she was supposed to be around 8ish pounds however she just quit growing and barely weighs 2 pounds...she still has her soft spot on her head, the vet said she was just a runt and sometimes these things happen...

25. I am by far not a picky eater, I will try everything at least once, however I never was like this until I met Zach...


Ashley H.
Ashlee M.


Melody said...

I SO did this on my facebook today. I will copy/paste it to my blog :)

Ape and Brett said...

awe well im super proud that you are her Godmother!! We couldn't have asked for anyone better!! I thank you so much for always being there for her. Also I know you will have a baby and you will have your own pregnant belly to touch. Well and ill have it to touch too!!! haha ♥ you

~the mccrarys~ said...

lol i just did this on facebook today too!
ok a few notes...
i'm sooo afraid of spiders too! stupid 8 legged freaks!
kirklands & shoes are my love as well.
i didnt know you watched the hills too! lol cant wait for next season!
great to know you a lil better! love ya!

Penny1215 said...

Man, I wish me and my husband fought over who got to cook. Well we do, but for the opposite reason. Neither of us ever wants to cook!! I love preggo bellies too. I bet you'll have a cute preggo belly. You just have that look.

Ashley said...

I loved your list!! I realized that we are so much alike!! I wish I would have thought of some of those things for my list...like always wearing makeup:) I loved the part of you wanting to be a fertility nurse!!

Deadly Glitter said...

i think you should write a book about coping with infertility. you have a way with words and help people a lot.


Summer said...

That was weird... pretty much other than having the smallest dog in the world, the birthday one, and not being a picky eater... I could copy and past those facts on my blog withough re-wording any of them.

Deadly Glitter said...

happy birthday tiffany! it is my birthday too. have a good one. erin

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