Monday, March 23, 2009

CD7--Dr. Appt

CD7--1st Follicle Scan of this cycle!!

My appt today started off not so great…we I got there this lady said.. “that will be 200.00”…WHAT???? I told her that we never had to pay 200.00 for just an ultrasound; she said well it says here it’s for infertility and that you are supposed to pay that...needless to say I was in tears about now…my only “safe haven with ins. coverage” could possible be GONE…The lady who normally checks me out came over and helped on my end and helped explain to this “newer” lady that I have NEVER paid more than 20.00 for an ultrasound and sometimes depending on how many I have in one week…there free! I begged the lady to call someone in there financial office or something and see…well thankfully she did and thankfully they said it’s 20.00 only for ultrasounds; I was right…Thank you God!!!!!

So after the rocky start, I got called into the office...she could not find my right ovary (which I had my first “belly” scan today!!!) All together there were only 3 “measureable” follicles…the ones in my right were 12 and 14…(which is normal for cd7)….my left one measured…{are you ready for this!?!?!}……it was a 32….yes that said 32!!!!!!!! I have NEVER had a follicle bigger than a 22-23!!! AND ESP. this EARLY!!!! They were shocked as I was….I was expecting to see them as 12-16’s…nothing in the 30’s—I wouldn’t have expected that in my wildest dreams!!!!

My lining however is no where near ready for an IUI…it’s only a 4 right now; and needs to be an 8+. She said she wouldn’t be surprised if I ovulated any day now with that huge of a follicle-however her and my Dr. were just shocked b/c I am so early on in my cycle…they are thinking since I took a couple months off and started back on Clomid that’s why it’s so huge!

I go in Wednesday and that’s when we will know if I am able to get the IUI or just go the al’natural way!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the prayers, I really can’t tell you all thank you enough!!!!! The prayers are working, please keep them up!!!!! :)


Mimi said...

32??????????????? Holy cow!!!! That is one plump eggie sister!! I hope it hangs around for a few more days! Praying for you!!

Love you,

Nicole M Wood said...

That is soo exciting!!!!!!!!! I had one in the 30's once too, the Dr was excited. Still praying for you.

ashley said...

Wow, that crazy! Thank goodness they got your bill worked out.

Dawn said...

Hi, I ran across your blog and wanted to comment. I wanted to remind you that even though they are doing the IUI's, don't give up the 'all natural' way. We did 3 IUI's and on the 3rd one it took but we were also 'active' so we have no idea if it was modern medicine or us. We like to think us. :)
But I feel it also gives you an extra boost, plus it's fun. ha!
Good luck and I'm thinking positive thoughts!

Dawn from Oregon

Penny1215 said...

Aw...that's great. I'm praying for you!!

Deadly Glitter said...

tiffany, that is great. i had a follicle in the 30's before. doctor thought it was left over from a month that i didn't release an egg. good luck.

Crystal said...

AMAZING girl, just amazing! Can't wait to hear your next update!

Still praying for you two...

The Jarvis Family said...

great new!! I'm praying for ya

twondra said...

Awesome news. :) When I was on the Clomid, I had follies over 30 and one time I had one that was 43! We were joking that I was popping out a bowling ball. :) I was soooo scared it was going to hurt really bad, but it really wasn't too bad.

Sometimes they say anything over 24 isn't viable.....but I've heard people getting pregnant with the 30s, so I don't know which is the case. :)

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

WOW! Thats great news:) Still praying for you and your dh.

I am so sorry about that nurse.. If I were you I would have been so stressed and more than likly in tears.. I hope it never happens again:)


Ashley said...

I am VERY excited about the good news!! I can't wait to see what happens on wednesday!

Love ya-

~the mccrarys~ said...

sorry i havent commented or emailed much lately. still thinkin & prayin for you guys!!

Megan said...

OMGoodness! I had the same heartattack when I first went to the fertility clinic. Yikes! Glad you pushed them to double check!

32???!! That's AWESOME!!! WOW!! How amazing would it be if this was YOUR month? =D Can't wait to see how this progresses!

Lacy said...

SOO glad you didn't have to pay $200!! 32 is really great, I've never had any of my follies get over 20!! I am praying for you!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

32? holy hell. that is one huge follicle! take care of yourself the next few days and good luck wednesday.

Faith said...

So glad you got a great report after a not so good start. Praying for you!!

The Mama said...

AWWWWWWWWWW! Thanks for stopping by. I will add you to our list to pray for. GOOD LUCK!

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