Saturday, March 28, 2009

What an amazing morning....

Let me start by saying THANKS for all the prayers for Poppee...he is still hanging in there, but not doing that great...

Last night was a tough one for Zach and I, our emotions were everywhere after hearing about Poppee...Zach was extremely sad because like him we really hope and pray that we will be able to tell Poppee (as well as all our grandparents) that we have conceived--before God decides to bring them Zach prayed long and hard last night for Poppee to hang in there a little longer, as well as me...after that we prayed for a "sign"...we don't pray for "signs" alot; but it was just something at that time we thought we needed....we wanted to know God was listening (although we know he is, but we wanted proof to comfort our aching hearts)...we prayed for more peace, more strength, a sign that he hears us, a sign that we will be blessed soon....

We went to bed; and I woke up...I have a blackberry and it was "blinking" up a storm...I look and I have 19 emails (some are blogger comments and some are emails of prayers-AMAZING)...I was shocked, so many people lifting Poppee and Zach's family up during this time...truly amazing!!!

Well I came across one "congratulating" me for winning the burp clothes that Crystal was giving away earlier in the week...she spoke that it was a sign of God (the sign that I prayed for last night....) I couldn't believe it...I sat there in tears knowing that God was speaking to me through her....well then I scrolled down a little farther and I saw where Veronica was telling me I won a baby hat as well from being the first to get a blog design from Julie after she received hers last week... I was speechless...this couldn't be happening...TWO signs from!!!! I am amazed; God is amazing!!!!

I told Zach and he had tears in his eyes, we've never doubted that God was with us on this journey; however it's nice to be reminded during hard times....God is amazing and he knows how to lift you up; lean on him, trust in him, believe in him and he will show you that he is with you...which is the very thing he did to us this morning!!!

The wonderful burp-clothes that I WON!!! :)

*Thank you Crystal for the prayers and everything--you have no idea how much this means to us!!!!Please go over to Crystal's blog and lift her up as Bentley's heart surgery is nearing; you can read Bentley's story here!!!

*Thank you Veronica--your prayers--everything; again you have no idea how much it means to us!!! Please head over to Veronica's blog and get yourself or your baby one of those cute adorable hats that she here to see beautiful Bentley modeling a hat that Veronica has made!!!

***And come back soon to check out my new blog; which is being created by the lovely Julie...I've seen some previews and I absolutely love stay tuned...and in the mean time; head over yourself and get yourself a blog uplift!!!!***


Jenn said...

I was so happy when I saw that you won! You are right, God is amazing! Praying for you guys...and for Poppee.

Kelly said...

Awe sweetie! I am so happy for you! God really sent you the comfort you were longing for and that is SO wonderful! Our God is an awesome God!! By the way I love your new blog! :) It looks so cute. Still lifting Poppee and your little baby2be up in prayer..Love and hugs!

Ashley said...

It is crazy and amazing how things work!! I believe this is a def. sign!! Love you guys and I am always praying for ya'll and I am keeping Z's grandpa in my prayers too! Let me know if you find out anything else about Poppee.


Stephanie said...

When I saw this morning that you had won the burp cloths I about lost it :) I mean seriously..I found your blog no more than a week ago and I feel so attached to you and your story already. I literally almost lost mouth dropped open and it took a minute for me to get it together! Now I hear that you got the hat too from Veronica...WOW!!!!!!!! Let me tell you...Veronica is absolutely the best!!! I ordered 3 hats from her a few weeks ago and am going to post them on my blog soon...once I ever get pics of them cool is that? It's definitely a sign...I hope it was what you needed and that you and your hubby are feeling alittle better today! Hugs!

Kristin said...

What an awesome story about God's love for us, especially when we just need to know He is near!! I came over from Veronica's and I am going to be praying that God blesses you with a little one soon!!!

Megan said...

I'm so emotional right now. Your posts are making me want to cry! God is so amazing and I love that he gave you a couple signs!

I'll be praying for Zach's Poppee. Sorry I haven't been here in a couple days to see the prayer request.

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