Saturday, April 4, 2009

Empty Arms

This evening I ran into a link that took me to a song/story that was very dear to me as it's a lot of what my husband and I have gone through as well as how we feel.

To my lovely friends who are on this journey with will LOVE this video; I think it's amazing and I hope it's as dear to you as it was me!!!

To my friends who have not been down this road but have been beside me every step of the way...this may help you understand a little bit of what we go through at times...


Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Tiffany I LOVED this video!!! It also describes Exactly what Me & My husband have been through so far.. It is so real and touching:) I really enjoyed watching it!!! Thanks so much for posting this..


Megan said...

This was one of my very first blog posts. It's definitely something I think everyone should see.

twondra said...

Wow....that's perfect. I'm going to share this with my family. Thanks so much for posting this!!

Kelli said...

That video really hits home! "Tears and Hope" are exactly what I experienced watching it! Thank you so much for sharing!

Kelly said...

Wow! What a powerful video..though I haven't experienced years of infertility, it still touches home. It reminded me of how hard we 'tried' to conceive our first daughter - it brought back the tears, the fears, the hope. It also touches home in reguards to my sweet Liberty. When she passed away I would see little miracle babies every where I went and it made me miss her that much more..God has certainly worked on this side of the pain and agony over the past 17 months since she passed away, but sometimes it still hurts - praying for you and your husband every single day! Praying for strength, courage, guidance, support, understaning and of course your miracle baby 2 be! Hugs to you dear friend...God bless. Please keep us all updated on your journey - 1000's of people are praying for you guys!! Love and Hugs,

I also want to lift all of your followers up in prayer as well. God see's your strength and faith, may each and every one of you be richly rewarded in the near future! God bless

Crystal said...

Very powerful! Thank you for sharing that, brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry you are going through all this. My prayers contnue, EVERYDAY!

Ashley said...

Pefect video. Everyone should see this...

Dawn said...

Wow. Tiffany that really took me back. I have been there. I remember the hardest was it was happening to everyone around me but us. There was even a guy I worked with that they didn't even know they were expecting until the morning she went into labor. I know, sounds absurd. There are those cases where people don't know, they were one of them. I came home that day telling my husband that even people around me that didn't even know they were pg are having babies! How crazy is that!
I know there is no solution to any of it. I learned that it's easier to NOT get pg then it is to. Such an extremely small window. But it doesn't seem like that when so many around ya are announcing the news.
And I'd hear the common "stop thinking about it". Seems like it was always the fertile myrtles that would say that.
I wish I knew the secret. The password. Some magic potion. I would give it to you in a hearbeat. Us actively trying and 3 IUI's and we finally got it.

So hang in there. Just when you think it won't happen, it will.

I can't wait to see that Pifer baby in 2010!

Cary Hairbows said...


Thank you for stopping by my blogs. I just wanted to say how nice it is to "meet" you. You have had a difficult journey, and I wanted to give you an extra big hug.

Thinking of you. I look forward to stopping by again soon. Your blog is so beautifully done. WOW! :o)


Lacy said...

Thank you so much for sharing this video!! I hadn't seen it, but am definitely going to share it with others, so they can "know" a little better what we are going through!

Michelle said...

I found your site on Kami's and I am so glad I did. That video has me in tears sobbing. That is totally what my husband and I have felt throughout our 4 years of trying. Thanks for posting it. It's nice to know that we aren't the only ones going through this when sometimes we feel so alone!

mrsmoore08 said...

Isn't that video amazing? I found it a few weeks ago. It's just so perfectly made.

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