Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Friday night Zach wanted to go out to dinner for his birthday given it was Monday and we weren’t able to celebrate it with friends the weekend before due to coming home from PA the day before…so James and Ashley said they would go and Zach’s other friend Josh and his girlfriend Nikki were going to come; we knew we were going to be eating late, however with the weather as bad as it was Zach didn’t get off till around 8:30; so Josh and Nikki weren’t able to make it to dinner {I don’t blame them, that’s late and my tummy was growling majorly} J and A said that the time didn’t matter to them, so thankfully we were still able to go out. We went to LaFiesta, one of my childhood favorites!! Our waiter was a tad bit...(whats the word I’m looking for???)… “off” to put it nicely. He was a sweet guy, but he talked so fast, and you weren’t able to read his lips b/c they were every such way but the way they should be; I’m sure if you would have taken a picture of all of us trying to figure out what he was asking us our faces would look puzzled and blank!!! If only we were able to pause and rewind him a bit :)

After dinner, Zach and James decided they wanted to go to Crickets for a little while and play some shuffle board, I was all down for shuffle board and hanging out for longer—so off we went! We weren’t there longer than 10 minutes before I started to feel really strange. It hit me really fast, I remember getting really hot and dizzy…I told Zach to take me outside…as we were walking down the long side walk my knees felt as though they were going to cave it and I was going to pass out…I started getting really nauseous. Zach sat me down and I knew I was “done”. He walked me to the car and said he wanted to go close up his tab. Well sweet Ashley and James came out to check on me, Ashley hopped in the car and we told James to go back in and have fun with Zach. Josh and Nikki came out to Cricketts to hang out with all of us, so I told Zach to not rush and have fun with them. After all I was perfectly fine—just feeling weird and Ashley was doing a wonderful job taking care of me and keeping me company. We sat and talked for a whole hour ½ …we looked up through my sunroof and I guess the fact it was getting late…we started losing our minds and getting a bit “goofy”. You know how you look at the clouds and “see objects” well since it was dark, and there weren’t any clouds…we looked up through my sunroof and made objects with the “rain drops” on the glass…we laughed so hard, the more we found the harder we laughed!

Once James and Zach came out it was time to head home and catch some zzz’s before our long day of Jimmy Buffett the next day!

(I realize my weekend post are out of order--I was waitin' for Ash to upload her pics so I could steal them since I forgot my camera :)) Here are a couple of the pics!

James & Ashley---Me & Zachary

Me-Ash and Pete our waiter...he was something else!

Me and Ash (I don't know why we look orange...I promise
that's not how I copied the pic from her!

Smooches for Ash taking care of me and keeping
me company in the car!!

A & J and T & Z


Ashley said...

Looks like fun!! I hope you are feeling better!!!

Ashley said...

We had so much fun with you guys!! Omg..I just remembered the girl that walked by your car and let out that BIG & MANLY burp bc I guess she didn't realize us in the car and the windows were down!! Hahaha..gross!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Looks like yall had a lot of fun:)

Mimi said...

It looked like fun!

BUT, did you ever figure out why you felt that way? I am worried now!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

sounds like a super fun night.

friday nights with great friends are the best!

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