Saturday, May 16, 2009

Helping The Pifers "Grow"

As most of you know this journey has been a wild one and has recently taken us to a step we have been extremely dreading from the beginning; on July 14th we will be making our journey down to Austin,TX for our very first fertility clinic visit. The word "fertility clinic" has haunted me for the past 3 years, and has come into play many times; however we have always turned that option down as we were not ready. After 3 years, no pregnancy and having hit a dead end road we know that this is a step we must take. We are extremely excited, however the cost has been weighing us down lately. Fertility clinics are not cheap and unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover a dime for infertility treatments.

After many tears, praying, and letting God guide us through this journey with complete Faith that "he has a plan", I received amazing news from my friends telling me about the most wonderful surprise I've ever received. Ashley, one of my best friends, has created a "Pifer Bean Fundraiser" to help Zach and I. I can't begin to tell you the emotions that flooded my body that night I received the news. We are truly blessed to have friends who care so much. Zach and I like many have dreamed of being parents since the day we said "I do"...this is something no one plans for and something many people don't even consider. This was a step we were all hoping we would never have to take; however God has a plan for everyone and we have grown in so many ways due to this infertility struggle.

With the help of Ashley; our hearts can be at ease and we can relax a little more. Starting today they will be selling wristbands & key chains to help raise money for our upcoming fertility clinic journey.

Fundraiser Details:

*$5.00 each for Bracelets

*$7.00 each of Key chains

*If you purchase a bracelet, Key chains are only $5.00 (first time order only and only 1 keycahain is for $5.00)

*Bracelet Available colors- White, Hot Pink, Royal Blue

*Key chain available colors-Black, & Hot Pink

*Bracelet and Key chains will read: "Growing In Faith"

*Bracelet Sizes- adult

*Payment-you can pay through paypal or mail. Email and let us know which colors, size, keychain or bracelet you would like. If you choose to mail in your payment, you can mail payment to: The Pifer Bean Fund, P.O Box 8360 , Waco , TX 76710 .

* If you have any questions please email

Raffle Details

Every week there will be a raffle drawling. Saturday we will announce what will be raffled off that week, the deadline for that weeks raffle will be Thursday and Friday we will announce the winner.

How to Enter Raffle:

*If you donate money or buy a bracelet or key chain your name will be entered in the raffle. For every product you buy your name will be entered in that many times. Example: If you buy 5 bracelets your name is entered 5 times.
*If you re-post the weekly raffle post, your name will be entered in an extra 2 times.

What Will Be Raffled Off:

We have received several sponsors and donations…they range from: jewelry, children's bows, blog designs, children's hats, children's clothing, many many more. If you are a business or boutique and would like to donate or sponsor "The Pifer Bean Fund", we would love and appreciate to hear from you, you can email for more details.

I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am that they have done this for me and my husband, I am also so thankful for each one of ya'll. Not only will this help us, but we hope this will help spread the awareness of infertility. We want others to look at there struggles, no matter how big or how small they might be, and know that not only are they "Growing in Faith" but they are "Growing closer to God". Thank you for your help in making our dreams come true and helping us through this journey to conceive our own little "Pifer Bean".


Melody said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH! It's official! I'm totally going to buy a bracelet! Too bad they don't have one that will fit my little princess or I'd get her one too! I'll e-mail the "girls" all my details and I will probably mail a check :) I love you so much and I'm so glad this is happening for you. I just did my last AVON order and I made about 50 bucks to do whatever I want with and I'm so excited this came along b/c looking at and wearing the bracelet will remind me to keep my faith strong too!

Melody said...

PS... Is it OK for me to post this on my facebook???

Ashley said...



The Jarvis Family said...

Girl I already got me some!!!

I think this is so great and will help ya'll greatly

Megan said...

You have amazing friends! Truly!

Veronica said...

I was so excited to find that the your friends would be doing this for you. I will be placing my bracelet order soon. Hey, I was wondering if you might be able to post a pic of the keychain, so we can see what it looks like. It would also be great if the girls could see if they can get some youth sized bracelets too.

Hope your having a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Good luck with everything. I am now following your journey and will be praying for you!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've heard about you through Veronica, but I didn't realize you're a fellow Texan! I live near Houston. I think this is awesome what your friends are doing for you. My parents tried for a long time to conceive and then God placed me in their lives and they adopted me (my story is on my blog if you ever want to read it). What I learned from my own story is that even when we sometimes don't see how things are going to work out, the Lord always will make a way. I will be praying for you! And I'm going to order some bracelets and keychains too....they're really cute!

Kristin said...

I forgot to say that I would love to donate some bows too for the raffle. I'll send an email to the address you listed.

Anna said...

You have such awesome friends! We tried to do donations for our treatments, but no one donated. Isn't that awful!? That was so are so lucky!!! I'm excited for you!!!!

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