Thursday, May 21, 2009

Week One Raffle WINNERS

Week one for the raffle for “The Pifer Bean Fund” has come to an end. The first week has gone amazingly well and we are extremely blessed to see how many people truly care for my husband and I and want to help us on this journey to conceive our miracle baby that we want so bad! We sold an AMAZING 59 bracelets & 34 key chains which made the total entries for this weeks raffle 73! Can I just say, I am so amazed!!! The 2 winners of this week's drawing will be receiving some amazing items from the lovely Cutie Patootie.

The Winners for the first weeks raffle ARE:

All in the hat ready to go...


CONGRATULATIONS to Shelly O & Veronica G! Ladies we will be sending you an email to also let you know how you can claim your prize. Shelly you have won the ribbon blanket with a $5 gift certificate & Veronica you have won the diaper pouch & dribbler set. Both of these women do have blog spots--so be sure to check out their blogs!

Wondering how to get your name into the drawings? Please click here to find out!

Make sure you come back tomorrow (Saturday May 23rd) to see what will be raffled off for next week!

Ladies & Gentleman :


(((We shipped the first batch of bracelets/key chains today, so be looking out for your package; and THANK YOU ALL again for helping us throughout this journey, I can not begin to express how thankful we are...we are extremely blessed to have so many who care for us.)))


Veronica said...

I was so excited to find that I had won! It's my first giveaway win ever!!! Thanks so much!

I will look forward to getting our bracelets and I will continue to be praying for you guys. I know the Lord has big things in store for you!!!

Mimi said...

I am so sorry I have been so horrible at commenting on everyone's posts. Just know how much I love you and I am here for you. Happy Anniversary!! I hope Z is doing better and I am still praying for your mom!

Love you sweetie!


Melody said...

Aww man! I wanted to win! Hey, it's all good! I'm excited about my bracelet and congrats to the ladies who won :)

Mandi said...

I just wanted to say, that I know EXACTLY (obviously I don't know exactly, but I know the emotions) what you're going through. Although my husband and I have only been TTC for 18 months (I say only like it's an easy thing), we have been seeing a RE for about 8 months now. Unfortunately our insurance doesn't cover infertility, only diagonosis. We've been lucky thus far because we've only been using some of the less expensive meds at this point. I love the bracelet. I've often been searching for something that reminds me to "keep the faith" through this entire journey! I may just have to get one of your bracelets =) I, myself, just started a blog to journal all of my experiences in the process. Feel free to check it out. I wish you and your husband all the luck at your upcoming appointment.

Keep the Faith,

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