Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pifer Life

Count Down With The Pifers

"hours" till boot camp starts

6 days until another dreaded father’s day--(We went to pick up Fathers Day cards yesterday and when we walked over there Zach sighed really heavy...I said "Are you ok?" he said "Yea-just sad"....this isn't only hard for myself, it's very hard for my husband as well as other infertility please keep all the men in your prayers as we near this day.)

29 days until the next chapter of our lives...our FIRST fertility clinic appt—I'm totally not counting though! ;)


Family Updates

Zach-is still doing amazing-his PT might even be moved to just one day a week; which he is ready and excited for. She tested his knee last Friday and said his tendon is growing just the way it needs to be--praise God!!!

Mom-she is still doing good...she is going through a very depressed phase right now so if you could all continue to pray for strength for her to get through this that would be amazing! She has overcome so much and I know she will be able to overcome this!

Me-I had my first jury duty today-and I have to go back again Thursday fun!! My emotions have pretty much been everywhere the last couple days, so please pray that these next 29 days go smoothly. :)


Big events over the weekend…

We didn't really have any big events over the weekend. Friday Zach and I watched the Penguins and Red wings battle it off in the Stanley Cup--the Penguins pulled it off and I can't tell you how excited my husband was. Saturday we woke up and cleaned a little, laid out in our pool--it was about 100 degrees everyday this weekend--hot hot hot TX weather! Saturday night we headed to Rosie and Dereks house for a BBQ. Amazingly sweet people; she too has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility--if you haven't been to her blog, you should def. head over and met her. I think we talked about everything under the sun Saturday night. Sunday I woke up with a horrible headache, so we didn't make it to church-we took it easy all morning, then ran a few errands then back home....

I never had my camera by me when I needed it this weekend-so I apologize for the lack of pictures...I did take this one of my sweet little Ginger Baby...

isn't she just the cutest ever?



Rosie said...

I wish I had my camera too :( I'm so glad ya'll came over. We had a blastie!!

Tracy and Andy Yates said...

I know it seems like the time to the fertility doctor is crawling, but it will be here before you know it! I am glad that your hubby's knee is healing like it is supposed to! We found out that my insurance dropped the fertility coverage that they had, so we are anxiously awaiting whatever God has in store for us! I will be praying for you!

Veronica said...

Glad that you guys had a relaxing and fun weekend! We didn't make it to church either...Audrey's been fussy lately, so we just took this week off from church. Still praying for all of you guys! Love ya!


Melody said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I'm sorry Zach is so sad about the Father's day cards! I know how hard that is! One year I was brought a mother's day gift at church and it was right in the middle of us ttc and I was SO upset about it

Ashley said...

I love you and I can't wait for bootcamp tomorrow!! I just hope some of my sunburn is gone and my soreness :) I am pumped and I will be your support thru it!!

The Simmons Family said...

I think sometimes we forget how infertility affects the hubby. I'm praying that your little Pfifer Bean is going to come soon.

Jennifer said...

The Pigeons?!?! lol! It was the Pittsburgh PENGUINS that won the Stanley Cup and beat the Red Wings. Penguins go better with ice than Pigeons. haha! :)

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