Monday, July 27, 2009

Pifer Life

Count Down With The Pifers

Hours till I go to my first follicle scan

Hours till I start my injections...

Family Updates

Zach-his knee is doing GREAT!!! His new physical therapist wears him out, she is really rough on him--but she is making sure he is 100%...which is what we want!! No pain-No gain...right?

Mom-still seems to be doing amazing!!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!

Me-I am one sick puppy...Late Saturday night I started sneezing like crazy, then my head started to feel as though it was swelling...I was up off and on all night. Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible sinus infection, no-fun! I laid around all day, when I wasn't sleeping I was blowing my nose or sneezing...I am off work today because I am still sick, my throat is killing me and my head feels as though it could explode...I called my Austin fertility clinic this morning and begged them to let me just go to my Waco office so that I could #1 save money and #2 didn't have to drive far feeling like this....thankfully they said YES!

My appt for my first follicle scan is at 1:30 today, they are just making sure there are no cyst on my ovaries...they will fax my results to my Dr in Austin, whom will turn around and call me back and let me know what dose of medicine I need to take for the next few days and when I need to go back in...


Big events over the weekend…

Our friend Matt, from Odessa, whom we went to visit a while back, came into town to visit friends and family as well as get himself a vehicle--he has been staying with us this weekend. Friday night we went to pick him up then headed to the Slippery Minnow (a restaurant on the lake nearby) to eat dinner and so Matt could visit his brother whom works there...then we headed out to meet friends. Saturday we woke up and went to eat lunch with Matt's brother Brad and his girlfriend then we headed out to his parents so that we could take a look at his new car, it's a very old car and needs work--however it needs a little more work than everyone thought. Matt, his dad and Zach worked on his car for hours while I "supervised"--around 8 they thought is was ready to go, we all headed back in town to meet The Heards and The Sims for dinner and then off to go bowling (which I haven't done in forever). We had a blast--I was better than I thought, I think I got more spares than anyone...hardly any strikes though!! Late Saturday night I started to feel bad and Sunday was a "do nothing but curl up in a ball and sleep" type day... overall the weekend was good minus my sickness. Here are a couple pictures from our bowling night...

Kristina, Aimee, Ashley and Me

Me and Ashley

Me and my honey!


Courtney said...

Hope you feel better! Good luck with the scan today!

Making Babies said...

Been following your story for a while now and just wanted to wish you all the best for your scan and the first of the injects! Good luck!

In honor of your new exciting journey I thought I would give you an award ;-) Please check my blog for details.

Barbara said...

I hope you feel better. Haven't spoken in a while. Love the pics, what a cutie you are!
-Barbara at

Veronica said...

Hey, I will be praying that you'll get to feeling better soon! I'm getting excited with you now that it's getting even closer to starting the shots! Love ya lots and get better soon!

Ashley said...

I hate that you are feeling so bad!! You better get to feeling 100% bc you have babies to make!!! haha....I am super excited that the process has begun. We had tons of fun with ya'll the other night and you were definately the "spare" queeen!! Love you and I love the pics :)

ShannonLeideker said...

Good luck with your scan and injections...Get Well Soon!

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