Monday, September 14, 2009

Pifer Life

Countdown With The Pifers

Can you believe it’s 8 DAYS until FALL!?!?! I can’t wait!!!

I work with a lady who has recently been diagnosed with MS; so for the past couple years we walk in the MS walk for her…only 32 days until the walk :)

AND---only 46 days until Halloween…I normally put my decorations up the first of October—can’t wait!!! :)

And can we just say…IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! Lets GO Steelers!!!! :)

Family Updates

Zach and I- are doing amazing!!! Were taking one day at a time and enjoying the blessed life God has given us.

Mom- As of right now I haven’t heard any updates on her, but as soon as I know I will let you know.

Dad-The same goes for him…I will keep y’all updated, thanks for all the

My little brother (13 years old) has his very first football game today (for school—he has played some pee-wee, but this will be his first game in school)…he is in the 7th grade, so this afternoon we will go watch him play. I will try to get some pictures. :)
My car was not totaled--they have ordered the parts and are working on it now :)

QUESTION for my Big Brother fans (like myself…) who do you want to win, who do you think will win? I love Jordan, I really want her to win…I want her to take Kevin b/c I think if anyone he deserves the money if Jordan doesn’t win; however I don’t think she can beat Kevin…but I really don’t want Natalie in the final two (but I think that’s her only hope in winning the 500K)…I bet she takes Kev though---what are y’alls opinions.


Big events over the weekend…
This was another lazy weekend…we have been ‘rain deprived’ here for the past few months…it’s been really hot and dry, well this past weekend showed otherwise…our temp has been 80-90’s and it rained ALL weekend, it was amazing. We stayed in and didn’t do a thing, I loved it!!!


Kristina said...

LOVED the rain this weekend!! Although we drove to Lubbock and the drive was NOT fun (it's already a horrible drive!)...we loved the lazy weekend. I'm looking forward to a big pot of chili for dinner tonight!! YUMMY!! Bring on the Fall!!!

Mandy Jo said...

Hey!! I want Jordan to win!!! I also want her to take Kevin! This season has been on of my faves:) I love love love Big Brother:)

Elisabeth said...

Bless your heart that's a wonderful cause. My mil was diagnosed with MS in the early 1990's. While it wasn't MS that took her life being in a wheelchair all the time complicated matters and didn't allow her to heal from surgeries and proceedures because of the medication they used in her heart surgery (which a few years ago was pulled off the market for causing kidneys to fail) she was on dialysis for 4 years. We miss her so much.

My heart smiles to hear you two are doing well. As always your in my prayers!

twondra said...

You sound so happy! I'm so glad! That's wonderful you're walking in the walk. :)

The Elletts said...

I want Jordan to win!!!!

Also, I have been wanting to write this about your last go around and then the car accident. I don't want you to read this the wrong way... I know it is tough to see what the person is trying to say through just words and things can be taken the wrong way. But imagine this.. what if you had gotten pregnant and then had that horrible car accident. You just might have very well lost the baby and maybe GOD new this would happen and was protecting you. He knows our life's plan and I KNOW and HOPE and PRAY for you to conceive and nuture a child, a gift from god. In GOD's time it will happen (I know that is just SO hard). I will keep praying for you!

Oh, last thing... I wore a purple shirt today!

Emma and Company said...

One of my very good friends has MS and we walk for him every year at the MS Walks. It is a horrible disease, but I see so many people helping and praying for him and so many others and it just warms my heart!
I have to disagree with you on something though..... GO COLTS!! Sorry, the Steelers are not friendly territory around my neck of the woods! :) But isn't football season the best??

Melody said...

Ok, I have a 7th grade sister! that is so funny! I don't remember you having a 13 yr old bro. My sister will be 13 in October. As for Big Brother, I really hope Jordan wins. I think she could use the money more than anyone else. Kevin is gay (and we all know how I feel about that, lol). and Natalie has been a huge poop head the whole game. So, I'm rooting for Jordan. Love ya girl!

Rosie said...

Wow! I can't believe that your little brother is already in 7th grade! Crazy!
And you know who I want to win BB!! Team Jordan! Although as i've mentioned a million times b4, I wish it were Jeff there. He's so hot!!! When is the finale? D has been home due to this torrential downpour in TX, so football has been the only thing on TV in my house!
p.s. I'm glad you have enjoyed all the rain. I lost electricity all weekend and came to work w/no internet until just now! :)

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

Hi Tiffany.

I am glad you commented on my blog. I just noticed your timeline and see that your last cycle was a BFN and I am sorry for that. I am now on IVF2, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. I know I had a ton the first time around.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. RIGHT BACK AT CHA!

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