Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm still here....

My blog might have sounded as though ‘I’ am disappearing to once a month post. ‘I’ am not going anywhere…promise!

The ‘Pifer Life Post’ , that I’ve been post once a week- giving weekly updates, will be moved to once a month—for the time being. I feel as though since I shove everything into that one post I am not able to write about anything throughout the week…so therefore I am going to move ‘Pifer Life’ to monthly so I can post throughout the week—if anything I will be posting ‘more’ :)

I am sorry if I gave y’all the impression that I was disappearing, not it at all…it’s just since my life is not interesting at this time, I have to break everything up so that I can post more

To be honest, I love blogging…love writing…however it’s not interesting when you don’t have anything to ‘blog’ about. So by doing this I will be able to write and blog more!

So have no fear…I’m still here (how cliché---ha!)…

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