Sunday, November 29, 2009


I love ‘traditions’. Our great friends Rosemary and Derek have been so kind to let us be apart of a Thanksgiving tradition every year…it’s a wonderful reason to just get together and hang out, watch football and eat great food! Derek fry’s a turkey…have y’all ever had a fried turkey? Amazing I tell ya!! We had all sorts of amazing food, from green bean casserole, to corn bread casserole, to delicious pecan bars and we can’t forget my lovely mash potatoes…all 13 pounds of them.

Nope you didn’t read that wrong, there was 13 whopping pounds…how many people were there you ask?? Roughly 14…why so many potatoes you ask?? Because my lovely husband thinks he knows it ‘all’. Seriously, no lie! I normally average a potato a person and then throw in a couple more just for grins in case someone wants more…while I was peeling these Zach asks “how come your not using the whole bag that I bought”“well honey, that’s a lot of potatoes…I just do a potato a person…”“no Tiffany, that won’t be enough—I got a ‘pound’ per person”“Zachary, I can’t eat a ‘pound’ of mash potatoes and I am sure others can’t either…” “Tiffany, that’s how you do it…”…. “mmm hmmm”…

So needless to say, I did it my husbands way…best way to prove them wrong is to ‘show’ them right? So I peeled and cut 13 pounds of potatoes—took me an hour just to do that, I had to boil them in two pots and put them in a huge crock pot to transport them---I did all the above with a lovely grin on my face because I knew even with the appetite the guys have there was no way they were going to eat ALL 13 pounds of potatoes.

So did he realize he doesn’t know ‘all’ when it comes to cooking…yes he did!! I took enough to fill a large tuber ware up with home, and that’s after I made Rosemary keep quite a few also! I think he will listen next time when I tell him it’s a potatoe a person MEN! Haha!

We had a wonderful time over at Rosie and Derek's house and we are glad that they let us be apart of there yearly tradition!!

(Pay close attention...I have horns, ha)

(I will be posting more Thanksgiving post later once I get my pictures uploaded)


Lauren Kelly said...

So fun!!!!!! :)

Rosie said...

Hey! Even AFTER your potatoe overload, I in fact, did the SAME thing on Thanksgiving. We're still eating SO SO glad ya'll got to some again b/c we had a blast. Esp the guys! And we have GOT to stop taking redneck pictures in the garage. LOL. Love ya'll!

Kami said...

Oh man, I am cracking up over here. I would of threw a potato right at his head. LOL Kidding.

I'm glad you had a great time. Next time just ship some to me! I LOVE mashed potaoes. Yummy!


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