Friday, January 15, 2010

Home Away From Home

Zach and I started 2010 with a bang and joined the Gym again. Zach is still regrouping from his knee surgery back in May 09’. His Dr. advised him that he needs to be working his hamstring better than he is. Our last gym just had the basic equipment…however this one has a couple pools, more aerobic classes and many more…all wonderful for his knee!

We have been three times this week and love it! I can tell how much Zach’s knee has weakened due to his surgery and I am so glad were back in the gym to help him strengthen it.

I do have to tell you about our ‘Elliptical Experience’ ….boy was it an experience!

Zach and I decided to get on the elliptical machine this time vs. the treadmill. I naturally push in the minutes I want to go for—however my ever so kind husband decides that we shouldn’t do that…we should push this nice little ‘total body workout button’ that I have never seen on an elliptical… “lets try this” he says… “umm…ok sure”… and there we go!

Before long this machine is barking out orders at us… (seriously…it’s telling us what to do)… ‘stride forward’…. ‘stride backwards’ …. ‘stride forward-then backwards on your tippy toes’ …. ‘now on your heels’…. ‘now bend your knees’ …. (ya get the drift?)

Well needless to say—due to my lovely hubs wanting to try something new—I can barely walk!

One night he is a dancing machine throwing me around the house….the next he has me experimenting ‘new buttons’ on the elliptical. Gotta love him though!


Sarah said...

Oh my - I have always wondered what those workouts are like ...

... and I am kind of glad I have never tried them now :)

The Simmons Family said...

How fun to get to go workout together!!

Rosie said...

OMG! The elliptical kills me on the workouts! Cute little picture BTW!

Kami said...

Those eliptical machines are the devil!!!! I don't go anywhere near them. LOL

I hope you feel better but the good news is, it worked!!! Great job at working out together. That always makes me feel better.

Love you,

~Shelly~ said...

I have an elliptical at home and I love it...probably bc it doesnt bark orders at me! LOL thats crazzzyy!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I wish we could get into the gym thing. We joined last Feb & dropped it last Fall to save money for Rylie's school. But it can be intimidating with all the equipment & machines! They're all so fancy like that elliptical now & I never knew how to use it all! I was afraid to go near half the stuff! ha

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