Monday, January 25, 2010

Me & Allergies .... NO GOOD!

The other night I started sneezing up a storm!! I have bad allergies, but normally it's the weather that makes them go crazy. They were calling for rain in the the forecast so I am assuming it's the lovely weather that's brought all the allergies on me all of the sudden.....

Well....I thought 'sneezing' would be my only problem...

WRONG!!!! BIG time wrong in fact!

I woke up the other morning with my eyes swollen shut, not a pretty picture---in fact I probably could have scared my husband if he could have seen me. (By the way I did take a picture with intentions of posting it, but decided I didn't want to scare y'all away--or bother the squeamish, so I decided on my lovely cartoon on the side instead...nice me, huh?)

So back to my ever so lovely swollen eyes--

picture this--

I wake up, can't open I stumble to the rest room feeling my poofy eyes (knowing exactly what has happened)--convincing myself it isn't that bad I pry my eye open so I can see myself in the mirror....BAD! I looked like I gained 20lbs just in my eye lids... (can you see why I choose not to upload the picture?) I stumble to the kitchen to get my eye-ice pack out of the fridge-almost knocking over the orange juice (or milk--I couldn't see), now I head to the bedroom to find my phone so I can call in sick (I obviously don't need to be driving to work with my eyes swollen shut...if I'm knocking over stuff in the fridge I can only imagine what I will do on the road!) Well, I realize I don't have my boss's phone number memorized, I need to pry my little eye open again so I can look up the number--pathetic I tell ya!

After a good few hours of sleeping I was able to somewhat open them...can I just tell you I am VERY thankful for my sight (and for my toes...I pretty much stumped every one of them!)

I am proud to say I have lost those 20lbs I've gained in my if I could just figure out how to loss it that quickly in my waist?!


Kristin said...

LOL!! That is so hilarious the way you described it, Tiffany! I'm glad your poor little eyes are back to normal and you still have all your toes. ha! I think it was definitely the weather because it came to Houston too and I've been sneezing like crazy!

Rosie said...

Oh bless your heart! LOL. I have GOT to see these pictures of you BTW! Love ya!

Stacey said...

Ugh! Hope you feel better soon, Tiffany!

twondra said...

Oh wow! I hope you're feeling better now! You poor thing. :( You're so funny the way you describe it, though. :)

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