Thursday, January 21, 2010

ON NO!!!!!!

How can this be?

It’s totally unacceptable!

I’m so young! Well…sorta! (I like to think so anyways)

Could this really be happening?

I have another gray hair!!!! :(

What is wrong—where do these pesky little hairs keep coming from. Is infertility turning me into a gray fragile old women?! Ok…not really fragile, and not too old…but a gray women!?

They say not to pull them, but can I really just leave this straggly little hair sitting on the top of my hair staring at me every morning in the mirror?! I THINK NOT! So what did I do…I pulled that sucker out!

This isn’t my first gray hair, and I doubt it will be my last—how I wish it would be though!

Darn them little gray hairs!!!!


Veronica said...

LOL Tiff! At least it was just one! After I had Audrey, I started getting a ton of grays popping up out of nowhere! I wasn't even 30 yet and thought that was so unfair!!!

P.S. I see you've got the ads up and running! Yippee!

Ape said...

Tiff you are already over halfway to 50 i mean youre fixing to be a whopping 26! I already told you I could get you fixed up with a walker, heck even a power wheelchair for a good price!! HAHA Im just kidding and have to give you a hard time! Ive found one or two and it totally FREAKED me out!! Lets jsut die our hair again, just not get it on the floor so Zach flipped out on us hahaha oh ol times

Angelica said...

You're so cute! I have tons of small white hairs under layers of hair...not cute when first discovered over a year ago...but I am trying hard to embrace them now...I am almost 32 so it's time no?

Anna said...

Hey Lady! I freaked out a couple of months ago because I found four. FOUR. FOUR GRAYS in one single day. Pulled all four out too. :)

Kristin said...

LOL! My first gray hairs started popping up when I was around 24, and then I had kids and now I have to color my hair every couple of months because almost all of my bangs are gray :(

Lori said...

Girl don't even worry!! You are far from being old, I've heard gray hairs show signs of wisdom!!

Kendel Pryor said...

yeah im 23 and have to routinely dye my greys out!! its totally unfair so be VERY thankful for the fact that you only have a few :D

twondra said...

You're so cute. :) I'm lucky that I haven't had any...knock on wood. :)

Rosie said...

You're so funny! My stylists found one last week on me and plucked it & tried not to tell me but I could read her face! She admitted it and laughed. She said it was "normal." Pshh!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

It's so weird that you're talking about this right now because I JUST pulled the first gray hair out of my head at the start of this week and I had the same thoughts you did! I'm too YOUNG for this! HA! And, Did infertility do this to me?

And you know what I said? Yes, yes, it did!


I'm just going to say it's because we are so mature!

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, you are not alone. I have gray hairs pop up every now and them myself!! Ha!

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