Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rosemary's Baby Shower

This past weekend was one of my best friends baby shower…Rosemary and I have known each other since 6th grade, she’s always been one of my closest friends—and here recently we both shared the journey that neither one of us would have chosen for ourselves…infertility.

I’ll never forget when she told me about her infertility journey, my heart ached for them…I knew emotionally wise what Zach and I have been through and really hated to see Rosemary and Derek going through the same thing…however on the other hand I was thankful that one of my personal friends knew exactly what I’ve been going through.

Although neither Rosemary nor I would ever wish this journey on anyone, I think we were both thankful that we had each other!!

Seeing her pregnant this weekend and seeing the pure excitement on her face gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes…I can’t express just how excited I am for them.

Rosemary is proof that God answers prayers and miracles happen to those who believe!

Love you Rosie and Derek—we are beyond happy for y’all and can’t wait to meet Gavin!

Here are some pics from the shower:

Jenn, Me, Aimee, Amber (with Parker), Kelly, Rosie, and Mindy

Mindy, Rosie and Me

Rosemary's mom painted this, it matched her nursery perfect--too cute!

Rosie opening her goody basket from the one and only...me ;)

G is for Gavin onsie

This is the cutest onsie!

(Kristin--I think it's safe to say she LOVED it) You can click here to check out Kristin's boutique, it's amazing, plus she does custom orders- if you have something special in mind just email her!!)

Her little belly was 10 squares (I guessed 12...)

The absolutely cutest Thank you Favors ever!


Stephanie Obert said...

Aw I Love the painting and the cute little basket they are so adorable...

peppermintpattyg said...

How cute!!!

LittleGirlsofMine said...

Awwww.....she is the cutest pregnant Mommy! I just love that picture of her with my onesie. Thank you so much for sharing that.....makes my day! And thank you so much for believing in me, Tiffany! It means more than you'll ever know! I love the way you did her basket....so cute! It looks like she had a really nice shower!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Sweetie, you have so much talent, I can't wait to see your business bloom, and I will help you every chance I get. I absolutley LOVE your work, and one day I will be getting you to make stuff for our baby...she loved everything, I knew you would love that picture :)

amyprikazsky said...

Such a sweet post. I'm so glad that you can experience joy even through your own trials...I know that is a hard thing. I'm praying for you and believe that the Lord is going to do miracles in your own life!

KJ said...

The "onsie" is yummy!!!!

Rosie said...

Aww Tiff! You're so sweet!!!I 'm so glad you were there and I just loved every one of those gifts you gave me. Please Please Please email me those pics. Remember my camera ran out. Love you!!!

laurenkelly said...

Soooo sweet! Made me smile because Rosemary has such a glow on her face!!! :)

Tiffany Pifer said...

I will most def. send them to you!!!!! :)

MamaShells said...

Cute! Love me some Spice- just ate lunch there today!

zsera said...

congrats to your friend. she is adorable!

ashlee said...

looks like she had a cute shower! she's got such a cute belly!

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