Friday, February 26, 2010

You asked...I told---Q and A!!!

I loved reading everyone's questions!!

* What religion are you (besides Christian)?

I was born and raised Baptist; Zach was born and raised Catholic… my Grandparents are members at the First United Methodist Church and we visited there a good few months before we joined. Being Methodist was the perfect mix for us, it’s just the right about of Baptist and the right amount of Catholic; we are really happy that we found a church home.

* Where does your strength come from and how do you stay so strong through this hard time?

My strength comes from God. Yes, my husband gives me strength, as well as my family and my wonderful friends…but ultimately it’s God…and God is also the one who keeps me strong through this journey. I lean on him a lot, trust in him and have faith in him that he has a plan for Zach and I.

* As far as your infertility, did you have things that happened before you started trying to conceive? When did you realize that something was wrong?

I’ve always had irregular cycles; when I was young my mom took me to the Dr. and they discussed birth control to help regulate me. Having irregular cycles could have been a sign, but nothing was ever mentioned about them; and that was the only thing that could have possibly been a sign. As far as when I realized something was wrong—our TTC story didn’t start like others, we were engaged with only a few short months until our wedding date. I went in for a regular pap and it came back abnormal; that’s when I had to undergo biopsies, scrapings and more intense testing’s to figure out why…they told me I had severe dysplasia—border line cancer cells. At that time I was more scared, TTC never entered my mind—that was until my Dr. took Zach and I in his office and told us if we planned on having children it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start now because with the looks of my cervix I possibly might have to have hysterectomy by the age of 30…that was about the time I knew something was really wrong….to read my whole story click here.

* If you could describe Zach in one word, You and in word (and Peanut-Ginger and Sasha since I know how much you love your fur kids!) what would it be?

First how sweet of you to add my fur-kidos into this, they def. are a HUGE part of our little family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness!



Peanut- Messy

Ginger- Pre-Madonna


* Where do you stand as far as IVF—will you be having this done anytime soon?

To be honest, where just taking one day at a time…it’s hard to pinpoint a day in which it will be done. We are still saving money and praying that a miracle happens in the mean time.

* Have you thought about adoption?

Adoption has been a big thought; as well as discussed between Zach and I a few times, if this is the journey God wants us to go down, we are prepared.

* Have you looked into IVF in another country due to the expense?

Actually, yes we have (I surprising also get this emailed to me the most out of all topics), This is something we are observant of, but not sure about as well… I am SO scared about scams and not sure what’s real and what isn’t (if anyone knows of somewhere that is proven to be real, please feel free to email me so I can look into it future).

* How long did it take you to accept infertility and be happy with your life?

Infertility is such a hard struggle in life. It’s one only those that walk these shoes understand…I was depressed off and on for about the first year…it wasn’t until I had a pure melt down that I realized it’s not worth it, why dwell on something you have no control over? I accepted infertility close to a year ½ after trying. I still have my moments as you can all see…but that’s part of being human!

* How did you start blogging? Did you think your blog would become so big?

I started blogging in order to keep my family updated with our Dr. appts; I figured it would be easier vs. calling and emailing each person; I never thought people would be interested in following our journey—I wouldn’t consider our blog ‘big’...there are so many out there like, Kelly’s Korner and MckMama’s Blog that are BIG blogs! J

*My question for you is in high school did you play any sports?

I was in track my freshman year, then went into drill team (dance class) and was in there until I graduated.

* If you could give any advice to an infertile couple, what would it be?

Take one day at a time, find peace with this journey and learn from it…if you let God guide you, it can make you and your spouse stronger. Have faith and don’t give up!


EverydayBlessings said...

I loved getting to know you better. I am so sorry that you have had such a rough journey since before you were even married!! I hope and pray that you will not even need to do any treatments!!:) If you know what I mean!

Jennifer said...

All great answers. I especially liked your advice to other couples. I couldn't agree more! :)

laurenkelly said...

Loved this Tiffany!!! :)

Rosie said...

Nice post Tiff! I love how strong your faith is. And your description of all of ya'll was funny & perfect! Ginger a Pre-Madonna??? No! :)

Tiffany Pifer said...

I know, can you believe my little pup is a pre-madonna....LOL!!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Thanks sweetie!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Thanks, I loved being able to answer them!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Thanks!!! :)

amyprikazsky said...

Thanks for the Q and A post! I loved getting to learn more about you! Praying for you...

Tiffany Pifer said...

Thank you for the prayers :)

ambertippit said...

It is nice knowing someone is right down the road from my going through the same thing. I live about 35 miles away from you and love hearing what is new in your life. Thanks for the Q &A.

Tiffany Pifer said...

How awesome that you are right down the road from me! You will have to email me where you are!!! :)

ambertippit said...

I am in Gatesville. We will have to get together sometime.


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