Friday, March 12, 2010

Five Fun Facts-Fashion

I really enjoyed 5 Fun Facts last Friday and loved reading everyone’s facts, so I am going to do it again this Friday…BUT I am going to change it up a bit…

Because I love Fashion; I am going to do:

Five Fun Facts about Fashion…

* I am addicted to shoes; all kinds and any brands…you can never have enough shoes. I love my summer shoes and with the weather getting warmer I am way too excited about being able to wear them!

* Zach’s style is so versatile, he has everything, beach-cowboy-preepy-dressy…I’m quite jealous that he can change his look to anything and still look amazing, I on the other hand stick to only a few looks…

* I love chunky jewelry; esp. necklaces!!! I love bracelets too but my wrist are so little that most things fall off!!

* My all time favorite store is Target, that’s where I get the majority of my clothes—sometimes I get them at Dillard’s when they have there huge 70% off sale!! I’m all about the cheap fashion!

* I am also quite addicted to baby clothes (imagine that!); although we are not pregnant and I don’t know when we will get there…I often catch myself looking at baby clothes—dreaming about the day when my little one can where this or that...

I would love to hear your Five Fun Facts on Fashion!!

***Also if you have any ideas for ‘other’ Five Fun Fact Fridays please email me your feedback—I would love to know if this is something you like or something ‘boring’ !! :)

***Also, if you've noticed the 'Infertility Support' tab IS UP; if you want your name/blog on there email me-I try to update it daily on the new request. :)



Rosie said...

Well considering I haven't been shopping for "regular" clothes lately, I'm the least fashionable person right now. BUT, My favorite thing to buy is VS undies! IDK why but I'm addicted. Weird huh? I love me some shoes too but I'm all about comfort right now, so tennis shoes and flips flops it is!

LittleGirlsofMine said...

I love accessories, but it seems like ever since I've had kids, I just don't spend any money on myself. I don't have any time to go shopping and even when I do, I would rather buy them things. I'm not that fashionable, as a result! Ha! I just wear jeans and t-shirts usually, which is totally different from my business suits I used to have to wear when I worked. I LOVE baby things dream is to own a boutique one day. Wouldn't that be so fun?!

GraysonsMommy said...

I love flip flops (you have to try yellow box if you dont have any they are amazingly comfortable and come in all different styles)

I love buying clothes for Grayson (and some times catching my self looking at the girls stuff in jealously because they are so darn cute)

I love bracelets i have a ton

But when it comes to shopping i have to say i hit up the sales racks everytime and even try to have coupons if possible lol

I love jeans and capris (not really a shorts fan since i had Grayson thanks to strech marks lol)

sbarnette said...


glad you found my blog - but how did you find it!?! maybe the shabby nest...

your blog is precious. i'm praying for you and your desire for a sweet baby. i have friends in the same place you are in and it breaks my heart.

i LOVE the five fun facts of fashion!!!!!

oh - and i added your button to my blog =)

nice to "meet" you!!!


Tiffany Pifer said...

I love yellow box too---I have one pair and you are right they are so comfortable! I am a 'sale' girl too!!!!! Thanks for sharing your 5 fun facts! Love them!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

I have faith that you will have an amazing boutique one day and I will be your #1 shopper :)

Tiffany Pifer said...

haha!!! You make pregnancy look really fashionable :) How funny your fav fashion thing is to buy VS undies--you know the coupons you get in the mail for the free undies, I LOVE getting those. Zach gets a coupon and so do I--I am stocked head to toe in VS undies!!! LOL

Peppermint Patty said...

1) I do the majority of my clothes shopping at Kohl's. They have such good sales = 80% off at times.

2) If you read my recent blog, you'll see I HATE my K-Swiss tennis shoes, so I just bought a new pair of Avia's. You can't beat a good pair of tennis shoes!

3) I'm only "allowed" to shop for my son at Pacsun. :) They have a great clearance section, so he gets the clothes he wants and I don't have to pay a ton. :)

4) I don't like to buy jewelry just to "buy it." It has to serve a purpose or something versatile, or I won't buy it. My friend from work makes jewelry (glass dicronic sp?) and it's beautiful!

5) My sister says I have the BEST pajamas!

ashlee said...

I dont think I'm very good at fashion. I just buy what I like & what I feel good in-no matter if it's "in style" or a "popular" look. I certainly dont follow crowds when it comes to fashion. Everybody's different & different styles work for different people. I love to dress up 1 day & be very casual the next. Guess I dont really have a certain "fashion style" of my own. It changes daily! lol

Jennifer said...

I love chunky jewelry too. My husband says I have too much jewlery, but a girl can't have too much. I'm with you on's the best!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Oh, I love Kohl's too and I love PJ's I probably have way to many!!!

Thank you for sharing, Love your list :)

Tiffany Pifer said...

Same here, I just buy what I like---problem with me is I like EVERYTHING, haha...there are very few styles out right now that I just con't stand... thanks for your comment, I loved reading it!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Chunky Jewerly is awesome! I wish I could find some that was priced decent...I should learn how to make it; I'm sure they make a killing :)

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