Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Funny Hair Mishap

Zach would kill me for telling this story, but it’s too cute to ‘not’ notate on our family blog…

I would say about a year ago Zach noticed the top crown of his hair was thinning, to a man this is the worst thing that could happen…especially when he was so sure that ‘he’ had thick hair and he would not experience balding. Zach’s mother’s side has really thick hair, however his dads side has really thin hair. My father in law is for the most part bald now, and my 26 year old brother in law is also experiencing some baldness—so if you can only imagine the pride that Zach has in his ‘thick’ hair.

When he noticed this thinness occurring his immediate reaction was to ‘shave his head’, this didn’t work because now the section that was thinning is now showing up even more…so Zach’s analogy was ‘I will just let my hair grow out, it’s going to fall out soon anyways, I might as well enjoy long hair’. As much as I see his point, I on the other hand do not want him to look like Shaggy on Scooby Doo; even though he looks amazing with any type of hair, I am partial to his short hair. So the ‘nagging wife’ in me came out…knowing that he wanted his hair to grow I immediately started begging him to cut his hair…after all his thinning never bother ‘me’. (Selfish-yes, I know!)

Well I finally talked him into getting a ‘trim’...he went earlier this week to get it trimmed after work. He came home and was furious…from a distant his hair looked fine, I couldn’t understand why he was upset…I chalked it up to ‘maybe something happened at work’. Finally sucking up his pride and trying not to sound like a ‘girl’ he comes up to me, and says ‘do you see anything wrong?’. I didn’t know what to say; do I tell him that his hair was way shorter on one side then the other, do I tell him he has a huge chunk cut out of the back, that his neck line is far from even, do I tell him that the trimming above his ear is way too short on one side…OR do I just say ‘it looks great honey?’

What do I do? Do I add fuel to his fire…or do I make him feel better?

Not knowing what to do, I calmly said… ‘It’s not your best haircut, but I think it looks ok’

OK there…I didn’t ‘lie’ but I didn’t flat out tell him the truth either…

Well needless to say that didn’t make him feel better, he sat in front of the mirror for the next 30 minutes analyzing his hair…as I am finishing dinner I hear him say-as he is storming to the other room to get something- ‘I will just buzz it all off’. Being the hero of a wife I am, I went running to his rescue, noticing he has his clippers in his hands--I offer to help him fix his hair.

Now let me just interrupt my story really fast and tell y’all I am far from a hair stylist. Ask Rosemary, we had a few ‘hair’ mishaps back in high school—but that’s a whole other story-ha!

But in great attempt to make my husband happy I offered to help him; I thankfully didn’t mess his hair up anymore, however I don’t know that I did a great job of fixing it. I did make him feel better about it though by telling him his hair will grow out in no time. So as my angry husband settled down for the night he felt better….that was until morning came.

He woke up, then quickly woke me up—right back on the same note he left off on the night before…

‘Honey...are you awake?’

‘Well I am now!’

‘I really think my hair is more jacked up that you think…it’s bad honey’

‘Well if you are really unhappy then you should go back to that place and make them fix it for you’

He soon left for work, I would like to tell you that the analyzing of his hair ended now…but it doesn’t. All day I received calls, emails and text about how upset he was with his hair…how bad it looks.

Zach was brought up to take your hat off when you enter a building (esp. work facility) or while you are eating, this is something that he feels is respectful and I’ve never known him to do other wise; however he told me later that night that he couldn’t even take his hat off…it was about that moment that I knew just how bad he felt about his hair. Now you must know something else about Zach—he hates to complain; although he will complain to me all day, he doesn’t like to complain to others. So as much as he wanted his hair fixed he didn’t want to go back to the place and ‘complain’ to them.

I’m happy to say that HE DID. After work he went straight there, walked in…and the lady looked at him and immediately said ‘Sir…where did you get your hair cut?’ Zach said ‘Here!’; turns out the lady that cut his hair was new and per the lady who fixed Zach’s hair, she really did a horrible job on Zach’s ‘trim’…the lady had to cut off a lot of Zach’s hair in order to fix it.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, my husband is a very ‘manly man’…and to see him so upset over his hair gave me the giggles all day. I wish I would have taken pictures, but I don’t think he would have let me even if I wanted to!


Rosie said...

Oh girl. This made me crack up!!! I wish you had taken a picture so bad. Derek and I have gone through this so many times. Although he knows he's balding, he still feels the need to grow it out every once in a while. To be honest, I think it's much more attractive for guys to shave it instead of leaving it long and having bald spots. Ick!
And by hair mishaps, would you be referring to my aweful hair-chop or all the times you dyed your hair the wrong color? ha ha ha!
Love the post!

Shanel said...

That's a GOOD story... made me smile... I know how you feel cause my hubbie is the same way about his hair.... and he's going a little thin in the middle... I'm happy to hear they fixed it though

EverydayBlessings said...

This story made me laugh so much! It reminds me of my hubby, he would rather crawl in a hole than go back to the place and complain. He'd probably get there then tell them he loves it! HA!

I'm glad that he went back and got it fixed. I hate bad hair cuts!

Ashley said...

This post makes me laugh!! Zach reminds me so much of James and his hair! He is soo worried about his thinning hair, and he was growing it out for awhile too bc he said, that he better enjoy it while he can!! James will watch movies and comment on the actor's hair all the time. Funny Funny! I wish you could have gotten pics too.
Love ya, Ash!

LittleGirlsofMine said...

Poor guy!! I'm so glad he went back though and they fixed it! Just look at it as a public that lady won't mess anyone else's hair up! My husband shaves his hair himself, just because he doesn't want to deal with it, and everyone thinks it's because he's bald, but he's not! Ha!

Penny said...

Ha ha, that is cute!! I tried to help trim the back of my husband's hair one time and I saw that he missed some on top. I didn't realize that the guard wasn't on and went to correct what he missed and took a big chunk of hair off. He had to shave his whole head after that. It looked awful!! That was a few years ago. Thankfully he has since forgiven me and has even asked for my help a few times since then!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Yes, I mean the awful hairchop, my lovely hair dyes and don't forget the time when I highlighted your hair and you had this huge blond dot in the back of your hair---haha!!!!

Tiffany Pifer said...

He will kill me if he knows I posted it, but how can I not :) Glad you got a smile out of it! :)

Tiffany Pifer said...

I would have died if that was my haircut, even though he was clearly upset he handled the situation way better than I could have--haha!

Tiffany Pifer said...

It was so funny girl! I should have taken a picture! Love ya!

Tiffany Pifer said...

HAHA! It was so funny--Zach is in the denial stage right now and I think thats why he wants to continue to have long hair.

Tiffany Pifer said...

OMG--HOW FUNNY!!!!! Now I think I would be in major trouble if I did that, LOL!

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