Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Start to NIAW

Today is the beginning of National Infertility Awareness Week.

I never in a million year thought ‘I’ would be infertile. I remember growing up, playing with my dolls…being a mother is something that I’ve always dreamed of…something I never even questioned as to if ‘I’ could conceive. It was always a given, I WILL be a mother! While growing up most people have a plan, graduate…work/college…get married…honeymoon life for a while…then plan on kids. My plan was uprooted before my very own eyes…I couldn’t believe it, and being in denial I thought this had to be wrong and I just knew I would ‘still’ conceive fairly fast—once again I was very wrong. After four long years, we haven’t even been pregnant once.

Infertility is a disease…it’s not ‘all’ in the head like a lot of people will tell you. Just relaxing or the famous ‘just adopt’ will not magically make you conceive; although at times people do conceive during those situations, it’s not a ‘cure’. Infertility is unfortunately more common than most couples know about…

Six million American men and women require appropriate medical intervention-

In fact, one in six couples (17%) trying to get pregnant will experience some degree of infertility. The causes of infertility are numerous and can be attributed to problems with either the male or female reproductive systems. Infertility affects both men and women, with 40% of infertility diagnoses traced only to the female partner and 20% traced only to the male partner. In approximately 30% of infertility cases, a problem exists in both the male and female partners, and 10% of all couples experience unexplained infertility, when no specific cause can be identified in either partner.

What better way to start Infertility Awareness week with a bang than a GIVEAWAY…click here for the 1st giveaway.


LittleGirlsofMine said...

I am so sorry that you and so many couples are going through this. Thank you for educating us on it......I love to learn more about these things because I want to be compassionate and understand what other people are going through and how I can help.

Tiffany Pifer said...

You have to be the sweetest person ever ;-) Thanks sweetie, it really means so much to me and others when people want to educate themselves on our situation; thanks for all the prayers and all you do! Love ya!

mindyajohnson said...

thank you so much for being an advocate for yourself and so many others having to go through this infertility journey... we need to take it upon ourselves to educate our family, friends, the public, and policy mkakers...thanks for this great first step!

Gemma said...

I will be thinking about you this week. We will have our babies!!!

Rosie said...

I am so glad to see you are still getting the message out about infertility. It can be such a lonely thing to go through alone and the blog world is better with you in it and advocating for infertility. Still praying you get your miracle! Love yall!

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