Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Camping Trip

I am not your typical camper. I like my makeup, my hair products, and defiantly my straightener. I hate hate hate bugs, and have pretty bad allergies…

But guess who went camping….ME!

OK, so I did bring my makeup, and my straightener…and we didn’t sleep in an actual tent we stayed in a screened in cabin…but it was camping! Camping enough for me!!!

We went with our best friends, Ashley and James, and there little girls and her mom and boyfriend.

Do you know how many bugs there are and how many come out at night? Well let me just tell you I killed more spiders than I could count…and two scorpions!!

OH, and did you know that raccoons are sneaky little creatures?! Well let me just tell you a little about them…we were sitting at our little ‘hut’ (that’s what I called our cabin)…and all of the sudden we heard Ashley’s mom yelling for the guys to get to her hut ‘quick’…wanna know why she was in shear panic? Well that’s because a RACCOON was in her HUT! INSIDE IT, yes—these huts are screened in; however it appears that these raccoons have little thumbs and they can maneuver these screens and crawl in…makes for sleeping at night a tricky thing (not easy to sleep with one eye open)…ha!!

One night I woke up to a noise outside of our hut and it was a raccoon going through our trash; we had a little stare down during the night as I panickly awaked my husband to go shoo this creature away!

Overall our trip was a blast!!! Creatures, bugs and all we will defiantly be going back many times during this summer…I just know now what all type of repellant to buy for our next trip! ;-)

Here are some pics (way out of order):

Looking a hot mess after the 1st night in our little 'hut'

Our little 'hut'
WOW-I look rough!! (I guess this is what we would look like on Survivor!)

Ash throwing some horse shoes...

Neither one of us were very good...

Love me some Tator!!!

This was first thing in the morning, Tator bug is still sleeping...



EverydayBlessings said...

I think you look so beautiful!!! I wish I would look that good camping!! I loved to read about your trip. It sounds like you had a blast, given the bug situation!!

stacie2009 said...

That's funny about the raccoons. My parents actually have one as a pet. He's about 3 years old now, but he's like a permanent 2-year old. And yes, they are sneaky, even when they're pets. He has way too much fun inside their house and even likes to jump on the bed, go through drawers, open doors by using the door handle, opening up food, eating chips, etc.

Glad you had a good time camping....even if it was in a cabin!

LittleGirlsofMine said...

Oh my! I don't think I could do the camping thing, even with a hut! LOL! Maybe one day I will try it! Maybe....... :D

laurenkelly said...

Soooo fun!!! I love camping, minus the camping creatures!!! Ha! That last picture is GORGEOUS!!! :)

Rosie said...

Tiff, I loved reading about your camping trip! It looks like y'all had such a blast! And don't you just love those racoons? Ha ha! Beautiful last picture!!

Devon said...

I am the same with bugs... luckily we don't have scorpions around here...although we do have ticks--which are no fun!!

Looks like you had a nice time! That last picture is awesome!

Amy Rogers said...

Love it! You're stronger than me..if I saw scorpions I'd be ready for dh to take me HOME! I love to camp though, but I'm not used to seeing scorpions in our neck of the woods.

And I love your hot mess pic...makes me laugh every time I think about us talking about your boot camp and hot!

Love ya girl!

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