Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hamburger Lover

My husband recently went to IL to visit his family and help them house hunt for a few days.

As most know by reading my blog, he is the cook. Although I love to cook, I rarely do so. While he was gone I hardly ate supper, most days I kept myself busy with other things that by the time it was 9:00pm it was too late to eat.

So when he arrived home the first thing he wanted to do was cook me a dinner; because while I wasn't cooking here-he wasn't cooking there!

Although it practically killed him to not make one of his ‘specials’ we were just so busy so we resorted to hamburger helper…he called me in the kitchen and wanted to ‘show me something’…

Hamburger meat made into a heart…that’s love! :)


Melody Estes said...

awww, that is so cute!

Rosie said...

Kind of gross. Not gonna lie. HA HA. Silly Zach!

Tiffany Pifer said...

Tottally gross Rosie...lol! I don't really care for raw meat period....kinda grosses me out!! But I thought it was too cute not to take a pic of!! lol

Penny said...

Aww...so romantic..in a slightly strange kind of way..lol...;)

LittleGirlsofMine said...

Haha!! That's funny :D

Veronica @ The Veronica Blog said...

LOL! That is love for sure!

laurenkelly said...

How stinkin sweet!!!!! He’s a keeper!!! :)

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