Monday, June 7, 2010

Random Bits and Prayer Request

*Please keep my cousin Corey and his wife Brittani in your prayers, she delivered her twins this morning at 28 weeks, both babies are a little over 2lbs. Momma and babies seem to be doing fine right now, but please say a special prayer for them if you could.

* We went to lake Whitney again this weekend and I am so we were driving up to the park we normally go to they were escorting everyone out of the water due to a missing person, a 15 year old old was missing, hours later with the help of scuba divers they found his body--please keep that family in your prayers.

* I have so many pictures to upload, still some from Memorial Day Weekend, and some from this past of my besties, Ashley's, little girl turned 2...she had a Hawaiian party, everything was adorable! I will get those uploaded soon!

* I believe the countdown is 2 months till my inlaws will be officially living in IL. Once they are there and settled we will be making a road-trip to see them!

* It's just the beginning of summer here and it's already 100's going to be a HOT summer for us Texans!

* I had alot more to add on here....but once I got to typing and catching up on some blogs I forgot about all the little things I wanted to add....maybe I will remember them later...

Hope y'all have a great week!


EverydayBlessings said...

I hate how a sunburn feels, but I love it when it turns into a tan!! Yay for summertime sunshine!

Rosie said...

This was like one of my scatterbrained posts. lol.
I didn't know Corey and his wife were having twins? I'l say a prayer that they will be healthy. Iknow that is very early & it will be hard.
And omg about the 15 yr old at lake whitney! I hadn't heard that yet.

laurenkelly said...

Oh my gosh, my Dad lived in on Lake Whitney in TX!! How funny!!! He has since moved but doesn’t live too far!!! :)

Kimberly said...

Praying for those new babies!

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