Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinners

We had a total of 3 Thanksgivings this on Thanksgiving day with my brother in law, the day after with my grandparents in Valley Mills, and one the Saturday after at our house...

I am stuffed and totally over turkey, we had it for leftovers quite a bit already and I think I'm turkeyed-out! ha!!

We normally put our Christmas decor out on the Saturday after Thanksgiving once we have finished eating; however things were a little backwards this year so we ended up putting them up on Thanksgiving day, and my wonderful brother in law was soo nice for Zach to have someone help him with the outside lights vs. me...ha!!

Here are some pictures that we took during our 'Thanksgivings' (ignore the Christmas decor as there is a post coming esp. with Christmas decor pics...haha)

Momma and I (this is the best she has looked in a LONG time, I was excited!!)

It never fails, Zach will always blink right when the camera flashes!

Me and my grandmother's

(The following 3 pictures were taken with my phone then copied off of my facebook to put on here...please excuse the quality. Also, please excuse our looks. I have you know TX weather on Thanksgiving morning & early afternoon WAS cool, but it was a very nice day. We could have easily wore short sleeve shirts out and been comfortable...however that evening a cold front blew in and you would have thought it was -20 outside...burrrr! I was inside most of the time getting the inside decorated but wanted to run out and take a picture of the guys, they died laughing at my outfit I threw together really fast to snap some pictures and Zach said I 'had' to have my picture taken....) So there is your warning! Haha!!

Don't you love the giraffe rain boots, ha!

2 of my favorite men!


Rosie said...

Nice pictures! Your mom looks great! And Derek blinks in like every.single.picture. too! lol. Every time I think of you and Thanksgiving, I think of the one I spent w/your entire family and your cousin grabbing my butt. Oh the days.....

~Shelly~ said...

LOVE your hair like that! And the last 2 pictures you have had with your mama are GREAT by the way.. (the other one from another post..)

Kendel Pryor said...

love your pictures!!!

Lori said...

I also love all the pictures and your hair! You look fabulous! I am so happy to hear that you had a great Thanksgiving!! Your Mom looks so good!

Jess said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I only had one large meal with leftovers and am sick of turkey. :) Maybe we'll have to have ham for Christmas. Love the pics!


Anonymous said...

Your hair has gotten long, Tiff! I love it! Love ya, miss ya!

Amanda Kines-Phillips said...

Your hair was the first thing I noticed and it looks GREAT!!!! :)

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