Friday, December 10, 2010

Time Flies

I think I've said it a million times just this year, but TIME IS FLYING BY!

Where has this year gone!?!

It's December, pretty much mid December....Christmas is just around the corner! Are you done shopping?! I am! Yay!! I am officially done! I finished last weekend! That doesn't mean that I might not find something from now till then that I 'have' to get someone, haha...but I'm done and can relax!

Zach's family will be arriving on Christmas eve to stay a whole week with us, his grandparents haven't ever seen our house (which it's nothing at all to brag's just a little ol' house) but still, Zach is very excited for them to come!

I have alot to post...just mostly random stuff, I know my blog post are far and few between right now, I'm trying hard...I promise! Work just keeps me busy, which is nice at times...keeps my mind off of other things, esp. around the holidays. It's easy to get depressed and I am determined to stay positive through this whole Christmas!

Well....I threw this ' point...useless' post in before I headed to work, I hope you all have a super day, and if you haven't finished shopping for Christmas, Happy Shopping :)


Kami said...

Thinking of you and missing you!!!! Now get to work! LOL


Kendel Pryor said...

hahaha I always want to post like this and know that people are probably so un interested! but love your blog and hearing about whats going on!! Happy Holidays!

Ashlee McCrary said...

I cant believe this year's almost over either! Although I'm kinda relieved. It wasnt the best for us. Yay for you bein done shopping! I've just got TWO gifts left to buy! haha

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