Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sick Start to 2011

Guess who had been sick...that would be ME!! Don't I look miserable!?!!?

Sunday night I started running a low grade fever, started shivering and sweating at the same time...I took some NiQuil and thought I'd be better in the morning...WRONG!!

That night the nausea kicked in, my body started aching so bad...there was no way I'd be making it to work, in fact I missed today as well...

No, I didn't go to the doctor, I know I should of, but in all honesty I just wanted to stay curled up in bed!

I am hoping this isn't a sign of how my year is going to go. It seems like everyone I know is sick or had been sick...must be going around!!

Sooo, although I have ALOT to blog about, I haven't felt well enough to do it!! Our New Years eve and day could not have been more prefect, that post will be coming soon!!

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Cheers said...

Feel better soon :)

Jess said...

Sure hope you get feeling better! It can only get better from here, right??


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! New follower here :) Hope you get better soon !

Julie said...

Hope you feel better soon! Glad you had a great New Years!

Lori said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have been sick!! I was sick over Christmas, and it is so miserable!! Hope you feel better real soon!

Rosie said...

Yuck! I hope you're starting to feel better!

Kami said...

We all had it over here too. It was horrible! Feel better soon honey!


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